While many of Target’s benefits are listed here, team member eligibility for these benefits varies and may be based on average hours worked, location and length of service at Target.

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The TGT 401(k) is one of the best in retail and makes it easy for eligible team members to plan for the future. For every dollar team members deposit, up to 5% of their pay, Target matches it dollar-for-dollar and the match they receive is always theirs to keep. A variety of low-expense investment funds allow team members to create a personalized plan just right for their age and retirement goals.

In addition, TGT 401(k) plan participants can receive online suggestions for improving their retirement outlook at no additional cost. For an additional fee, team members can hire an investment expert to build a plan, choose investments and help keep their retirement plan on track.

life insurance

Eligible team members are automatically covered by company-paid life insurance. The plan pays the team member’s beneficiary approximately one year’s worth of annual pay. Additional life insurance coverage, from one to eight times annual pay, and dependent policies can also be purchased at affordable rates.

identity theft protection

To give team members peace of mind in the event that their identity is stolen, this insurance offers concierge remediation with 100 percent resolution guaranteed.

credit union

Target Credit Union, a division of Baxter Credit Union, helps team members and their families improve financial well-being with valuable financial products and services. All team members and their families, regardless of financial standing or credit history, can take advantage of checking with no monthly fees, low-rate home, vehicle and tuition loans, high-yield savings accounts and much more.

childcare discount

Through corporate partnerships, team members have access to discounted rates on primary childcare at select childcare centers nationwide.

tuition reimbursement

Furthering your career sometimes means furthering your education. The Target Tuition Reimbursement Program helps eligible team members pay for job-related courses at accredited technical schools, colleges or universities.

additional perks and discounts

Team members have access to discounts on fitness centers, top mobile phone plans, brand-name computers, clothing, flower purchase and delivery, event tickets and more…all just for being a Target team member.

time off

Target is committed to helping all team members enjoy a balanced life. Vacation and personal holidays are accrued based on length of service, position and hours worked. We observe six national holidays, and personal holidays give team members the flexibility to use time off as they choose: celebrate a holiday of their own, extend a vacation or just take the day off. In addition, eligible team members receive well-being time for things like health appointments, financial planning or volunteer activities. We also provide bereavement pay for eligible team members, based on their relationship with the deceased.

team member discount

It’s the reward every team member loves: a discount on Target purchases! The 10%-off shopping discount includes groceries at SuperTarget and online shopping at Eligible family members, including domestic partners, can use the discount as well. It’s one of the best ways to save a bundle on all those day-to-day needs. Even better, our Wellness Discount gives team members an additional 20% off fruits and veggies, Simply Balanced and C9 merchandise at Target and This ongoing discount will automatically be applied when the Team Member Discount card is scanned at checkout.

group legal plan

Team members and their families have the option to enroll in the Group Legal Plan, which provides access to legal representation at an affordable price through Hyatt Legal.

adoption assistance reimbursement

Through Target’s Adoption Assistance Reimbursement program, team members can receive up to $5,000 for eligible adoption fees including application, filing, placement or agency costs as well as court costs, immigration, translation or attorney fees.

commuter benefit

The commuter benefit allows team members to pay for work-related commuting costs – such as the bus, rail, trolley, ferry, vanpool or parking – with before-tax payroll deductions, depending on their location.

GED reimbursement

Team members receive reimbursement for costs associated with obtaining a General Education Development (GED).

short-term incentive plan (annual bonus)

Target’s short-term incentive plan (annual bonus) is designed to align individual performance to overall business results. It rewards eligible team members for both corporate performance and individual contributions to the business.


Eligible team members are automatically enrolled in Short-term Disability coverage that temporarily replaces a percentage of pay if a qualifying disability occurs. Eligible team members have the option to enroll in Long-term Disability coverage, which replaces a percentage of pay after Short-term Disability expires. (Different rules apply in California, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Hawaii.)

critical illness, accident, and hospital indemnity insurance

These benefits help protect eligible team members and families in the event of an accident, serious diagnosis or hospital stay.

parental leave

Target offers parental leave to birthing moms, partners/spouses of birthing moms, parents who are adopting, parents via surrogacy, and foster parents.

daycare flexible spending account

Save before-tax dollars from each paycheck to pay for qualifying daycare and eldercare expenses incurred while the team member is at work.

home loans

Target works with Wells Fargo, PHH Mortgage and Target Credit Union to provide great options for mortgages and refinancing. These partners offer team members customized financing to fit specific needs.

Team Member LifeResources

With Team Member LifeResources, team members and their households can get free, confidential counseling, support and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week—up to five counseling sessions per issue, per year. Team Member LifeResources can help with personal financial information, housing tips, planning for a new baby, budgeting for a home addition or saving for college.