Code of Ethics

Target is committed to the highest ethical standards. Our Code of Ethics helps team members understand expectations and make ethical choices and business decisions that uphold our values and our promises to all stakeholders, including team members, shareholders, guests and the communities we serve.

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A message from our CEO

As a purpose-driven company, we know how important it is to draw on shared values to bring our purpose to life. To help our team members do that each and every day, we’ve created a Code of Ethics that represents our values and the promises we make to our guests, team, stakeholders, communities and our culture.

In our daily work, we’re building connections with the people and the communities we serve. Every good decision strengthens those bonds and helps create a brand we can be proud of every day. 

— Brian Cornell, CEO

Code of Ethics

Target is committed to complying with all applicable laws and conducting business ethically. We uphold our values and deliver on our purpose by doing what’s right for Target, our team and guests. Each Target team member is required to follow the law, the Code of Ethics, “the Code,” and Target’s policies and procedures.

The Code provides expectations to consistently guide ethical decision making, and do what’s right for Target, our team and guests. Team members have a responsibility to report any suspected or actual ethical concerns, and always make ethical business decisions that align with Target’s purpose and values.

Team members are made aware of the Code of Ethics and reporting channels via new hire and annual Ethics Training, and the employee handbook.

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Defining ethics at Target

Target’s commitment to ethical standards is reflected in the way we conduct business and through our actions. All team members must always consider the impact on our guests, team members, stakeholders, and our communities when making business decisions.

We must demonstrate our commitment to building a strong ethical culture by:

  • Modeling Target’s values through our decisions and actions.
  • Exhibiting honesty, respect and concern for others through every interaction.
  • Understanding and following Target policies and procedures.
  • Complying with all laws.
  • Seeking guidance when you have ethical questions or concerns.
  • Reporting any suspected violations or concerns.

By holding ourselves, our business partners and each other accountable to these standards, we deliver on our purpose and values while deepening the trust of our guests, team members, stakeholders and our communities.

Members of our Board of Directors similarly follow the Director Code of Ethics, which is contained in our Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Headshot of Brian Cornell.

Guest trust is critical to our success — trust in our products, our services and our actions. And this trust, built up over decades of ethical practice, can either be enhanced or eroded by the decisions we make each day.

Brian Cornell Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Reporting options




  • U.S.: 1.800.541.6838 
  • India: 000.800.100.1657 
  • Bangladesh: 880 (0) 9610.998509 
  • China: 4001201894 
  • Hong Kong: 800906528 
  • Indonesia: (021) 50918413 
  • Vietnam: 024 4458 3187 

Other non-U.S. locations: place a collect call to the U.S. at: 1.470.219.7116

Write: Corporate Compliance & Ethics, Target Corporation, 1000 Nicollet Mall #3110, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Target does not tolerate retaliation of any kind against someone who reports a concern in good faith.

Guests can visit us at to reach the right team or call us at 1.800.440.0680