Operating Ethically

Target is committed to the highest ethical standards. Our commitment to driving a strong ethical culture is reflected in the way we do business and the actions we take.


Each team member regardless of role, entity, or location has a responsibility to make ethical business decisions that align to our values, and are reflected as we prioritize what’s right for Target, our team and guests. Target team members are required to follow the law, our Code of Ethics and all applicable company policies.

Explore Operating Ethically

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics helps team members understand expectations and make ethical choices and business decisions that uphold our values and promises to stakeholders, including shareholders and guests.
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Business Partner Code of Conduct

Target expects that business partners share our commitment to the fundamental principles of respect for human rights and environmental stewardship.
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Public Policy & Civic Engagement

As one of the nation’s largest employers, we have a responsibility to participate in productive conversations on relevant public policy issues.
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Product Safety & Quality Assurance

One of our top priorities is to provide Target guests with high quality products that meet or exceed mandatory safety standards.
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Environmental Management Systems & Strategy

We have a strategy to address risks throughout our operations, to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and to align with stakeholder expectations.
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Reporting and addressing concerns  

We have processes for identifying and addressing reported concerns and regularly provide team members with information on how to report concerns or possible violations. Team members may report a concern or potential violation through a variety of open-door channels, such as their leader, human resources, the ethics team or our third party-managed, 24/7 Integrity Hotline which includes anonymous reporting options. 

Transparency and reporting

We believe Target can only achieve change by carefully managing and measuring our performance against tangible goals and publicly reporting on our progress.  

Staying accountable for impacts and actions helps maintain the trust of our suppliers, guests, team members, shareholders, partners and communities.

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