Product Safety & Quality Assurance

It’s our goal to provide you with the best products every time you shop with us. Here’s how we create a great experience in every aisle and online.

Putting safety first

Product and food safety is a top priority and we make sure our products and how they are produced meet or exceed mandatory safety standards. Frequently, we require Target-brand vendors to test beyond regulatory requirements and take special care with children’s products and toys. We expect our vendors to comply with good manufacturing practices or documented manufacturing and quality processes. We also require Target-brand products be tested at third-party testing labs. 

Assessing Target-brand product

We have tools and processes in place to address product safety and assure quality at every stage of production. Before production starts, we audit the factory and meet with the vendor and manufacturer. We require vendors to test Target-brand products at third-party laboratories throughout production. A Target-brand product must pass all testing before it’s approved for shipment.

Food safety and quality assurance for Target brands

To protect our guests and help Target succeed, each year we assess hundreds of vendor facilities that produce Target-branded foods. This consistently ensures that products are of high quality and meet regulatory requirements on top of Target’s own food safety and quality standards.

We regularly monitor the safety and quality of our food products by evaluating them at the vendor's facility, in our supply chain and at our stores. We actively listen and respond to feedback we receive from our guests and take any quick action that’s needed. Learn more about our food safety and quality assurance tools and processes.

Product investigations and removals

When we learn about a problem with one of our products, we investigate and, when necessary, quickly remove it from sale, both in our stores and at If a product is recalled, we ensure it isn’t sold by issuing a lock on the item number at the cash register and online. We also contact any known guest who purchased a recalled item by phone and/or email and Target app push notification. Guests can always find up-to-date recall information posted on in-store iPads, Target's Facebook Recall app page and in the “Recalls” link on

A level deeper

Food Safety and Quality Assurance Tools and Processes

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Product Safety and Quality Assurance Tools and Processes

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