Business Partner Code of Conduct

Target’s purpose is to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. That quest to bring joy is at the center of every business decision we make, including which business partners we work with. As a purpose-driven company, we seek and prioritize partnerships with those who share and uphold our values.

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Our commitments to ethical business practices

Our guests place their trust in us, and we honor that trust through our commitment to doing business ethically and legally. Since the actions of our business partners reflect directly on Target, we expect our partners to uphold the highest standards of conduct and to be aligned with Target’s values. There’s a lot at stake: an unethical act or violation of law can have serious consequences for you and for Target.

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Working together, we can champion equity and inclusion and drive meaningful change in the communities we serve. We rely on our suppliers to partner with us in this commitment.

Because we place such a high priority on ethical and legal conduct, we require all of our domestic and international business partners to read, understand and comply with all expectations outlined in the Business Partner Code of Conduct (BPCC), Standards of Vendor Engagement (SOVE) and all Target requirements. 

The BPCC consists of eight sections:

Standards of Vendor Engagement (SOVE)

Target is committed to responsible and ethical business conduct. 

Respect for human rights and environmental stewardship are fundamental principles of our business practices and standards. We expect our suppliers to share those principles and uphold our standards.

Learn more about the SOVE

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Target is committed to equity and inclusion.

Equity and inclusion are at the heart of what we do at Target, and we’ve set clear goals to ensure we continue to champion an inclusive society. We are working toward a future where everyone — regardless of race, color, sex, pregnancy status, gender identity, marital status, political opinions, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, social origin or national origin — has equal access to opportunities, and in which everyone feels welcome, valued and respected.

Global trade, supply chain security & sanctions

We rely on our business partners to know the product information needed to comply with U.S. Customs and Partner Government Agency (PGA) import requirements or regulations. Business partners must make sure that products sold to Target comply with all applicable laws and regulations; that product markings, claims and documentation are true, accurate and supportable; and that appropriate records are maintained to validate all information provided to Target. Business partners must comply with regulations related to the disclosure of proper country of origin, PGA requirements, antidumping/countervailing duties and other trade remedies, free trade agreements, trademark laws and licensing agreements.

Product quality & safety

Guests count on Target for well-designed, high-quality products at a great value. Guests also trust Target to sell products that are safe and compliant, and are advertised accurately and truthfully. Business partners must help us meet that commitment by complying with Target’s Conditions of Contract and Product Safety, Quality and Regulatory program.

Target’s Conditions of Contract require business partners to guarantee that all goods sold to Target are made in compliance with all applicable laws, and that all manufacturers and subcontractors also comply with the law.

Learn more about product safety & quality assurance

Conflicts of interest

Target has strict requirements when it comes to engaging in any activity that could create an actual or a perceived conflict of interest. A conflict of interest may arise when business decisions are influenced by, or could appear to be influenced by relationships or activities that create bias for a specific business partner. Team members are required to prioritize Target’s business interests, and make fair and unbiased business decisions.

Business partners are prohibited from offering, promising, or providing anything of value to a Target team member, a team member’s family member, or to any third party representing Target which could influence, or appear to influence business decisions or secure a business advantage. For purposes of this Code, “anything of value” includes, but is not limited to, gifts / gift cards, meals, entertainment, transportation, travel, accommodations, expenses, cash, or charitable donations on behalf of Target or a team member. Target team members and third party representatives, including auditors, are also prohibited from requesting anything of value from Target business partners. Business partners must contact immediately if a Target team member or anyone working on behalf of Target makes an improper request.

Target’s Code of Ethics

Compliance with anti-corruption laws

Business partners are required to comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Under no circumstances may a business partner working for Target offer, promise or provide anything of value directly or indirectly to a government official for the purpose of exerting improper influence or to obtain an improper benefit or business advantage.

Business partners are required to complete Target’s due diligence process prior to interacting with any government official on behalf of Target.

Confidentiality, security & privacy

We know that our business partners can be even better partners when we share the right information. When Target provides business partners with confidential information, they must preserve the confidentiality of such information and use it only for the purpose for which it was provided.

Business partners must comply with all applicable security and privacy laws and regulations as well as all applicable document retention requirements. Business partners must also maintain sufficient technical security and privacy controls to protect Target’s confidential information.

Reporting violations: click to collapse

We require our business partners to follow all laws and the Business Partner Code of Conduct requirements. It is also their responsibility to promptly report any actual or suspected violations by a Target team member, or an individual acting on behalf of Target, or one of our business partners. For questions or to report an issue or concern, we have several resources and reporting options available. 

Ethics at Target

Definition of ‘suppliers’ from Target’s Standards of Vendor Engagement: all vendors, suppliers, third-party sellers, manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors and their agents. 

Good to know

If a business partner violates Target’s standards and receives "three strikes," they are no longer eligible to do business with Target.