Supplier Intake Form

Are you interested in selling products at Target or providing services or goods not currently for retail sale in Target stores or online? As a multi-category retailer, our relationships with our suppliers are closely connected with the great shopping experiences we create for our guests.

If you would like to sell products at Target, please submit the two-part form on this page. Once you’ve told us about your business and the products you offer, our internal teams will identify how we can best support your business, including whether you’d be a fit for our Target Accelerators programs. Target Accelerators offers free education, industry access, retail expertise and mentoring services to equip business founders and entrepreneurs in their quest to drive innovation, instigate change and build their businesses. Visit the Target Accelerators website to learn more.
If you would like to provide services or non-retail goods to Target, please visit this website to register with our procurement team.
Visit our suppliers page for more information about Target’s approach to working with vendors, and learn more about how we work with diverse suppliers.