Civic Activity

Civic participation is the backbone of a healthy democracy. We inspire a culture of civic engagement by encouraging participation in government and politics among our team members and guests.

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Building on a strong foundation of civic engagement

Since its founding, Target has proudly stood in support of democracy and encouraged our team members and guests to get engaged in the civic process and exercise their right to vote.

The following principles guide our decisions on when to engage in public policies related to our elections and voting.

We believe:

  • Every American should have a voice in our democracy.
  • Voting should be safe and accessible to all who are eligible.
  • Elections must be fair and transparent.
  • Equal access to voting is required to have a more inclusive society.


At Target, we promote civic engagement among team members in a nonpartisan and inclusive way through the Citizens@Target network, encouraging team members to actively participate in democracy in a way that matters to them and providing them with the tools and resources to do so.

Civic organizations

Target proudly supports and encourages our team members and guests to be active participants in democracy. We’ve partnered with a variety of nonpartisan national organizations who promote voting by raising awareness of elections and encouraging fair, accessible and safe voting, including:

  • The Citizens League
  • Power the Polls
  • Vote Run Lead
  • VoteRiders
  • Civic Alliance
  • National Voter Registration Day
  • National Vote Early Day
  • League of Women Voters Education Fund
  • Business for Voting Rights Coalition
  • Braver Angels
  • Time to Vote