Governance & Reporting

We are committed to and accountable for reporting our progress. We regularly engage key stakeholders to identify, understand and validate our Sustainability and Governance priorities – the issues that are most important to our business. We maintain strong corporate governance practices that apply to Target’s conduct, requiring our business partners and suppliers to comply with our Business Partner Code of Conduct and responsible sourcing guidelines. And we advocate for our team members, guests and communities through our public policy and civic engagement efforts. 

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We believe Target can only achieve change by carefully managing and measuring our performance against tangible goals and publicly reporting on our progress. Staying accountable for impacts and actions helps maintain the trust of our suppliers, guests, team members, shareholders, partners and communities.

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Sustainability & Governance Priorities

We center our efforts and reporting on our Sustainability & Governance priorities – the issues that are most important to the long-term health of our business and stakeholders across our value chain.
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Reporting & Progress

Target remains focused on staying accountable to our goals, and we believe transparency is key to maintaining and building trust with our stakeholders.
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Corporate Governance

Target’s corporate governance practices provide the framework for oversight of sustainability matters.
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Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics guides our team’s decision-making and helps us draw on shared values to bring our purpose to life.
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Workforce Diversity Report

Target’s latest workforce diversity data.
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