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Inclusivity is a core value at Target and we’re proud of our work to be an open and welcoming company. After the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many more, we’re reminded that we need to continue to work urgently, every day to build an inclusive environment for all. And more specifically, we know we need to go deeper to create equity with our Black team members and guests. The need for social justice is undeniable and we’re committed to using Target’s size, scale and resources to create positive change.

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building on Target's inclusivity value

As one of the largest retailers in the U.S., Target has a responsibility—to our team members, to our communities and to the families we serve—to do our part in advancing social justice and racial equity for Black individuals.

As we resolved to face anxiety, fear and sorrow with purpose, we established the Racial Equity Action and Change (REACH) committee to advance this work at a very critical moment in time. This group of senior leaders from across Target have job responsibilities that reflect key areas of focus and represent a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. They work hand-in-hand with our Leadership Team to drive this important work forward.

REACH committee members


REACH aspirations and areas of focus

REACH’s work is uniquely focused on advancing racial equity for our Black team members and guests across all areas of Target’s business and communities. To create the most impact across our business, REACH is aligned around four key areas of focus: Team, Guests, Communities and Civic Engagement and Public Policy.

  • Team: We’ll start with our team, where we’ll focus on creating a workplace where Black team members can build meaningful careers and have success at every level. In addition to prioritizing the advancement of Black talent, we’ll look to recruit best-in-class Black talent to Target and move with even more urgency to ensure that we have Black leaders at every level of the organization. We know that hiring and advancing talent is not enough, so we’ll also focus on engaging Black team members more meaningfully, including more development and training programs, so they choose to stay at Target. Finally, for all team members, we’ll establish new, ongoing anti-racist training so the full Target team has baseline education and understands their role in helping drive racial equity. As an example, all of Target’s senior leaders recently participated in a training called “This is the Time” to help leaders understand their role. 
  • Guests: We’ll continue our work to create an environment where Black guests feel welcome and see themselves represented throughout their experience with Target, including with the products we sell, our marketing and our in-store and online experience. We’ll use Target’s resources to advance the development of Black-owned businesses by providing access to resources and expertise, and we’ll look to bring even more products and services to our guests from Black creators, designers, agencies, suppliers, vendors and contractors.

We’ll look to work with partners who share and uphold Target’s anti-racist policy standards.

  • Communities: REACH will specifically focus on fueling the economic, social and structural vitality of Black communities across the country, looking also at where we can help our business remain relevant within Black communities. Similarly, we have immense pride for our hometown and we know there is a lot of work to be done to achieve racial equity in the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota. An essential part of this work will be elevating the voices of those most impacted by systemic racism and learning from and partnering with Black communities on solutions and programs. For example, we recently announced a partnership with Minneapolis-based vocational training school Summit Academy OIC to introduce a new workforce development center to North Minneapolis in support of equitable advancement.
  • Civic Engagement and Public Policy: Target will work with policy makers on issues where our expertise as a retailer will make a difference. We will prioritize safety and police reform, and fuel education and economic opportunities for Black Americans. In addition, we will focus on how Target can contribute to and support non-partisan efforts to raise awareness of elections and encourage fair, accessible and safe voting. We will draw on a number of different approaches to spur change. Sometimes our actions will play out publicly, and we’ll also work to engage individual stakeholders, build relationships, leverage our own expertise and advocate for change.

REACH outcomes

The REACH committee is steadfast in its mission to create lasting change and meaningful impact for our Black team members, guests and the communities we serve. With the support and guidance from the entire leadership team, REACH will set specific, measurable goals to define success across this work and regularly report on our progress.

  • Accountability: To ensure that we drive meaningful outcomes, we’ll create measurable goals against each of the four areas of focus.
  • Transparency: We’ll be transparent about this work, including where we meet or fall short of our goals, and what progress we’re making in our mission to create lasting change for Black individuals.
  • Engaging Black Team Members & Guests: We’ll continue to systematically engage and listen to feedback from our Black team members and guests along the way so their experiences and perspective help guide the REACH Committee’s work on an ongoing basis.
  • Enterprise Effort: We’ll establish working teams across the organization to ensure that the enterprise understands the role they play in driving this work forward.

our ongoing commitments


company-wide D&I commitments

As the REACH moves forward, Target’s company-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion remains. We will move forward urgently on the goals we have in place for our team and business, which we know have already allowed us to make significant progress on a wide range of initiatives. Leaders will still be accountable for those goals, where we’ll continue to build a team that represents our guests, look to increase diverse hiring and reduce diverse turnover and help all team members have equitably strong careers. There’s also significant work underway to help diverse suppliers bring their products to more guests, line our shelves with products for all guests, increase our Hispanic media spending and ensure more than half of our philanthropic spending goes to communities of color. That work is important and will not cease.

investing in local and national partnerships 

We’ve already committed $10 million from Target and the Target Foundation to support long-standing partners such as the National Urban League and the African American Leadership Forum. We’ll be adding new partners in Minneapolis-St. Paul and across the country to further address the systemic and structural barriers facing Black communities. We’ll also offer guests the choice to direct Target funds to organizations supporting racial equity and social justice through Target Circle, our loyalty program.

supporting Black-owned businesses

We’ve committed 10,000 hours of pro-bono consulting services for Black-owned small businesses—and also those owned by Indigenous people and People of Color—in the Twin Cities to help with their rebuilding efforts in response to the movement for social justice, and the Target Foundation will also provide grants to nonprofits that can further help support these small business owners. In addition, the Foundation will continue its efforts to promote racial equity in the areas of housing, asset-building and workforce development. On Target.com, we've made it easy to find products by Black-owned or -founded companies.

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Target stands against racism and stands with Black families, communities and Team Members.

Brian Cornell
CEO and chairman