Responsible Sourcing

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and we expect our business partners to do the same.

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Our mission

We partner with vendors and suppliers to achieve high labor and environmental standards for Target brand and Target imported products. Our mission is to ensure that our vendors utilize factories where workers are valued, the environment is protected and business is conducted in an ethical way.

Our responsible sourcing and sustainability teams work together to improve supply chain oversight and remediation, integrate responsible sourcing practices into our business operations and consistently seek out innovative solutions to advance performance beyond compliance. 

Our philosophy

When it comes to sourcing products, we take a page from our company's founder, George Dayton, who was well known for his strong business ethics. 

Today, we still strive to ensure our suppliers manufacture all of our products under the highest ethical standards, comply with all applicable laws and work with vendors and factories who share those commitments. We also work with regulators, manufacturers, industry organizations and other retailers around the world to continually set the bar higher for our industry. At all times we look for opportunities to improve our standards and processes.

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