People are at the heart of our business and central to every decision we make. Through our policies and practices across human rights, supply chain and safety, we collaborate with our partners to help create safer communities where our people are taken care of in a way that is just and equitable for all.

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We are committed to putting the needs of people and communities at the heart of how we work. We strive to uplift and listen to people so we can create positive impact, including promoting and respecting human rights across our business, investing in supporting and elevating the people who work in our supply chains and protecting our communities through robust safety measures.

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Human rights

Promoting and respecting human rights is core to what we stand for, and we know our work directly impacts four stakeholder groups: our guests, our team members, our supply chain and our communities. We hold ourselves accountable for maintaining close oversight and conducting due diligence as we aim to positively impact workers and the communities where we do business.

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Safety & preparedness

The safety of our guests and team members is Target’s top priority, and we’re focused on operating safe, successful stores in communities across the country. Together with our partners, we work hand in hand to create effective solutions for the communities we serve.

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Supply chain social responsibility

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and our global supply chain provides us with the reach and influence to help protect and uphold the human rights of people we interact with. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable to make sure everything we source is produced ethically in accordance with all applicable laws, international standards and our policies.

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"We remain committed to keeping people and planet at the heart of what we do — co-creating an equitable and regenerative future with our team, guests and communities we serve."