Guests Find Joy ‘Everywhere’ at Target in Our Newest Marketing Campaign

  • May 16, 2024

That magic moment when you find just the right fit for a summer barbecue. Spot the limited-edition Stanley cup in the color you’re craving. Or roll up to find your favorite Starbucks treat ready to go with your grocery order. It’s the little moments throughout your day that add up to one big joyful feeling — that Target feeling — that make everyday visits to Target extraordinary in so many unique ways.

It's those same moments that inspired our newest marketing campaign, called “That Target Feeling.” In it, we spotlight scenes and lyrics inspired by real guests (like you!) who post on social media to share the joys they’ve felt at Target. And it’s all set to Target’s reimagined version of the hit 2001 song, “Everywhere,” by Michelle Branch. The campaign is rolling out this weekend across a broad mix of channels, including digital, audio, social, streaming and more. It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you double take. And it’ll have you humming out loud.

“We know Target is the happy place for millions of guests, and we’re excited to show what that looks and feels like through their eyes,” said Lisa Roath, chief marketing officer, Target. “This campaign is inspired by real experiences shoppers have shared on social — those small, fun, and sometimes unexpected moments of discovery and delight in our aisles that make us Target. We’re lifting that joy up in our marketing this year as we continue leaning into nostalgia and humor in new ways.”

Feel this moment

There’s no end to the Target-inspired humor and joy that guests share on social media — we’re mentioned over 50,000 times a day in user-generated content and we’re the most-followed big box retailer on TikTok. But we did have to narrow those mentions down to a handful that inspired a range of relatable moments for this campaign. From decorating their carts and selfies at checkout to a cameo from Lewis the Halloween Ghoul, these are skits that will have you nodding your head and smiling along. And it’s all set among some surprising (the perfect lemon sponge!) and not-so-surprising (up&up toilet paper!) must-haves that we think everyone will be excited to shop. And we’ve made that experience joyful too — many of the featured products will soon be available on our Target Finds page, organized according to the personalities and scenes within the campaign.

Get into the groove

We’re music lovers here at Target — especially in our ads, where we like to weave together what’s fun with what’s top of mind for consumers. (We featured Prince and The Revolution in our Target Lady spots, for example). For “That Target Feeling,” we tapped into the early aughts (think: the heyday for retail therapy and strolling around a mall) to bring to life the similar, but modern, joy our guests feel strolling our stores. The 2000s era is also having a much-embraced resurgence and our fresh take on “Everywhere” will have you singing the song all over again.

All together now

In true Target fashion, we pulled in some amazing partners to help make “That Target Feeling” a reality, including our creative agency, Mythology, and Ibra Ake from London-based production company, Somesuch, who directed the video. The full campaign kicks off on May 19, delivering joy in a way only Target can. In the meantime, be sure to tune in to our social channels like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and to stay on top of the latest and greatest inspiration and discovery coming from the Bullseye. Enjoy!

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