Get to Know Lewis the Halloween Ghoul — and Target's True Pumpkin King

  • Oct 9, 2023
A grinning Lewis the Halloween Ghoul stands in front of a house.

Call him a lot of things … like TikTok’s latest star or the king of Halloween. Just don’t call him a jack-o'-lantern! Lewis the Halloween Ghoul is lighting up our guests’ homes, hearts and social feeds. Lewis is part of our owned brand Hyde & EEK! Boutique and while he’s currently sold out at Target (popular guy, right?) he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

We know his name’s not Jack … but where did he get the name Lewis? We asked our internal product design team, who’s in charge of conjuring up new characters to join our spooky seasonal celebration each year. “We really found magic this year,” they said. “When we were gathering bits of this and that, a charismatic pumpkin came to life. We greeted the jack-o’-lantern and he was quick to let us know his name was not Jack, but actually Lewis. We knew a star was born.”

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When he’s not chatting up trick-or-treaters, Lewis loves cruising the Target aisles with Li'l Lewis and the sly pumpkin swamp ghoul. (They’ve got great style.) They try on costumes and taste-test all the treats.

A collage of two screenshots of Lewis from guests’ social media accounts.
TikTok @shopspaalchemy, October 2023; TikTok @tybottofficial, October 2023

You may have seen Lewis sporting a team member nametag in some stores. No word yet on if he’ll go from seasonal team member to year-round. If he does decide to stick around, we’re hoping he’ll reach out to all his ghoulish friends to come join our Hyde & EEK! Boutique team. He’s such a talent, you might even say he’s out standing in his field.

A collage of three screenshots of Lewis from guests’ social media accounts.
TikTok @imshannonduh, October 2023; TikTok @jamess.25, October 2023; Instagram @serenbe, October 2023

Most of all, Lewis loves meeting his fans. Have you met Lewis in one of our stores — or brought him to your home? Share your photos and videos using the hashtag #MyNameIsLewis.

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