We’re Adding 30,000 Supply Chain Roles to Support Target’s Growth and Deliver Joy to Our Guests

  • Sep 30, 2021
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For Target, 2021 has been all about growthOur team powered amazing results in Q1 and Q2, while delivering new services and experiences that keep Target at the cutting edge. (Hello, sortation center expansions and cool new in-store experiences). And we’re not done yet. That’s why we’re adding 30,000 new supply chain roles to help us deliver joy to our guests this holiday season and well beyond as ongoing members of the Target team. 

Our supply chain team members play a crucial role in Target’s day-to-day operations, including moving our products from suppliers to our stores to keep our shelves stocked. From hiring managers to warehouse and operational support staff, each of these new positions will have a direct role in delivering joy to our guests.  

We’re proud to offer the most rewarding careers for our team, and while they’re showing up for our guests each and every day, we’re supporting them with what they need to thrive at Target and beyond. That includes offering industry-leading wages and great benefits like our debt-free education assistance programtraining and career growth opportunities. And as front-line workers, our supply chain team members have also received recognition bonuses and expanded benefits throughout the pandemic

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