Here’s How the Target Foundation’s Philanthropy is Evolving

  • Sep 5, 2019
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"Success is making ourselves useful in the world, valuable to society, helping in lifting in the level of humanity.”

When George D. Dayton, founder of our former parent company, the Dayton Company, said this in 1918, he was building a legacy that would span more than a century—a belief in the value of stewardship for our team members, guests and communities where we do business.

That spirit is still very much alive today in Target’s purpose of helping all families discover the joy in everyday life. It’s evident in our philanthropy and our commitment to invest 5% of our profits in communities. Philanthropy is one way we can help address some of the toughest social and environmental challenges our neighbors are facing, and we do that through our Corporate Giving efforts and also the Target Foundation.

The Target Foundation, established a century ago, is committed to investing in our hometown community and has annually donated about $9 million in grants across the Twin Cities.

And in 2019, the Foundation turned its attention toward promoting equity that enables shared prosperity and opportunity for all in Minneapolis-St. Paul. In addition to the Foundation’s new focus in our hometown, it’s expanding to help create economic opportunity throughout the United States and in communities around the world where we do business.

“The Target Foundation envisions a world where all families have the resources they need to determine and realize joy in their own lives,” says Tracey Burton, senior director, Target Foundation and Corporate Philanthropy. “We’ll help to strengthen the systems and organizations that drive shared prosperity for all, investing in partners that help reshape economic and social structures in our communities.”

In our hometown
We know that the health of our business depends on a vibrant and growing economy, and that’s only possible when economic opportunities are available to all our neighbors. The Target Foundation will now support Twin Cities organizations that address the barriers preventing underserved and under-resourced communities from having the same opportunities to thrive, specifically in the areas of entrepreneurship, workforce development, housing and asset building.

Our hometown grants will work toward those goals by helping fund systemic change. What does that mean? We’ll continue to support programs that assist with immediate needs, but we’ll also now fund those that go deeper and work to address the root causes of structural barriers to effect real, long-term change.

“I’m glad to see corporate funders in the Twin Cities evolving their work to increase equitable access to community building resources,” said Jon Pratt, executive director of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. “The Target Foundation’s new direction is designed to help organizations address issues around equity, playing an essential role in one of our region’s most critical challenges.”

Across the nation
According to an Urban Institute study, the current generation of young people in the U.S. will be worse off than their parents on nearly every socio-economic indicator. And low-income workers are especially vulnerable. Supporting a well-equipped workforce is critical not only for the economy, but for our guests, our team and our business.

That’s where our national grants come in. They’ll help build financial stability and security in communities across the country through initiatives that equip limited income individuals with the skills, opportunities and resources to achieve their full potential in a rapidly changing economy.

Around the globe
As a domestic retailer that sources from around the world, we’re aware that issues like global inequity, rapidly-changing technology and environmental decline can lead to economic instability that impacts the communities on which we depend. To address these challenges, we want to help create economic opportunity that enables families in emerging economies to sustain themselves and their communities for the long term.

That’s the idea behind our global grants. They’ll provide support to organizations that are creating access to sustainable livelihoods, increasing financial inclusion and empowering communities.

Read more about how we’re putting the needs of people, communities and the planet at the heart of how we work today, to help build a better tomorrow.

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