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We’re working to build sustainable economic opportunities for families in communities around the world.

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As a global organization with a multinational supply chain the Target Foundation is committed to improving economic opportunities for families around the world, helping them to sustain themselves and their communities long-term.


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Through our global program, the Target Foundation will invest in organizations that are building the capacity of people and communities to create livelihood opportunities that sustain long-term prosperity for families in emerging economies. 

  • Access to opportunity: Equip organizations and systems with the capacity to create sustainable economic opportunity for families.
  • Financial access and inclusionEnable access to financial solutions that help families maintain and grow their assets to promote economic resilience.
  • Community empowermentEquip people and communities with the tools and knowledge needed to solve their problems and shape the institutions touching their lives.



Investments through this program are made by invitation only. However, we recognize there is great work being done by organizations that may be unfamiliar to our team. If you believe your work aligns and would like us to know, please share more about your organization and programs via a Global General Information Form. Thank you!


global grantee spotlight

We’re proud to support the work of Industree Foundation, and its mission to build sustainable livelihoods in the creative manufacturing sector to ensure that underemployed women can have higher and regular incomes, decent and equitable working conditions, and the ability to cope with life crises.

Established in 2000, Industree’s comprehensive approach helps communities in India and Africa assess their traditional skill base, organize them into production units, develop products that appeal to modern markets, and create consistent demand to create sustainable businesses at the lowest possible costs. Its approach has tripled the incomes of artisans in non-farm occupations by leveraging their artisanal skills and integrating them into the creative industries sector. 

The Target Foundation’s three-year grant, in partnership with CAF America, supports Industree’s efforts in India to scale its impact by enabling the organization to build a new production community, develop training materials and additional support tools for other NGOs, as well as test new digital training content that will be accessible to artisans.

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"Through the Power of Hundred project, Target Foundation and Industree are focused on creating supportive ecosystems for women producers through various levels of support, which will essentially enable creative producers to earn steady incomes through decent and equitable work, gain access to the consistent demand for their products, and thus lift themselves out of poverty and attain social empowerment. The Foundation's belief in Industree and its work is critical now more than ever and will help us collectively move towards creating regenerative economies." 

Ms. Neelam Chibber
Co-Founder and Managing Trustee, Industree Foundation