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Committed to advancing racial equity in the Twin Cities region.

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At Target, we believe that the health of our business depends on the vitality of our hometown community, and that a vibrant and growing economy is only possible when economic opportunities are available to all our neighbors. The Target Foundation is committed to advancing racial equity that enables shared prosperity and opportunity for all​.


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In addition to supporting the overarching Minneapolis-St. Paul philanthropic ecosystem and addressing persistent and immediate community needs, through our hometown program, the Target Foundation concentrates its investments in organizations working to address the specific systemic and structural barriers facing Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities. We do this in four priority areas: entrepreneurship and small business, workforce development, housing and asset building.

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business: The Foundation supports entrepreneurship initiatives that address current ecosystem gaps, drive inclusive practices and create access to knowledge, services, networks and capital for entrepreneurs at all stages.
  • Workforce Development: The Foundation supports employment and technical training opportunities to ensure the workforce development system operates effectively and connects job seekers and workers with the skills they need to succeed.
  • Housing: The Foundation supports efforts that increase housing availability, stability and access—creating pathways to greater opportunity.
  • Asset Building: The Foundation supports organizations that improve the asset-building opportunities available to traditionally marginalized communities, especially those that are engaged in work to increase financial inclusion, wealth-building and overall financial health.

The Target Foundation is proud to share its 2020 hometown grant recipients, providing more than $5 million to over 70 nonprofit organizations. And in this extraordinary year, these grants provide general funding, allowing recipients to use the funds to bolster their efforts in whatever way needed in these challenging times.

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The 2021 Hometown racial equity grant cycle is now closed. We'll update applicants on funding decisions in the fall.

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“We have immense pride in our hometown, and we know there is a lot of work to be done to advance racial equity in the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota. In an effort to do our part to address the specific systemic and structural barriers facing Black, Indigenous and communities of color, we’re both excited and humbled to provide grants to more than 70 nonprofit organizations who serve and support these communities.”

Amanda Nusz
senior vice president of corporate responsibility and president of the Target Foundation

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Hmong American Partnership (HAP)

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The Target Foundation’s partnership and investment has made a tremendous impact on the small business owners we serve. We were able to provide technical assistance and wraparound service support to small business owners. In 2020, we helped reopen 27 small businesses and provided technical assistance to over 1,154 small businesses. Small businesses are among the most affected by the pandemic and will play a vital role in helping communities recover. Through our activities, individuals gain access to mentors through our partnership with the City of St. Paul and SCORE to better position their business and gain valuable business advice and training. They also receive assistance with financial management and planning, understanding business operations and support with wrap around services. When we can empower our community members and help keep their businesses open our community and economy benefit, grow, and thrive. Individuals not only gain new skills and resources but also, they are empowered to make economic decisions for themselves, their families and their communities.

HAP’s Economic & Community Development team

We’re proud to support the work of HAP and its mission to empower the community to embrace the strengths of its cultures while achieving its potential by: improving lives through culturally sensitive social services; strengthening neighborhoods through housing, community and economic development opportunities; and promoting the rich heritage of ethnic communities.

The Target Foundation’s grant will support technical assistance and cash support to low-income business owners and farmers from the Twin Cities immigrant and refugee community who are facing challenges including language barriers, limited experience in business, legal and financial planning, as well as a lack of access to technology.

West Broadway Business and Area Coalition (WBC)

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The recent investment and partnership with the Target Foundation enabled WBC to expand into partnerships with other North Minneapolis Business Ecosystem leaders, like BWWA, to maximize on opportunities to enhance businesses and increase overall community impact. Resist & Thrive 2035’s BEE Marketplace component assisted 34 Black Women business owners and entrepreneurs with earning an additional $51,000 during its 30-day holiday campaign in 2020.

Felicia Perry
Executive Director, West Broadway Business and Area Coalition (WBC)

We’re proud to support the work of the WBC and its mission to create an inviting and vital West Broadway Corridor and to transform the Northside into a thriving economic community by: building capacity of businesses and entrepreneurs; highlighting the positive and cultural assets of North Minneapolis; and engaging the community in the ongoing revitalization of the West Broadway area.

The Target Foundation’s grant will support WBC to work in partnership with the Black Women’s Wealth Alliance (BWWA), SBC in its Resist & Thrive 2035 program — aiming to support Black women entrepreneurs and small business owners annually in creating and maintaining profitable, sustainable businesses along business corridors over the next 15 years. The grant will enable the launch of the first cohort of entrepreneurs with existing businesses to complete the one-year fellowship.

Model Cities

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At Model Cities, we envision an equitable community where all people have access to housing, economic opportunities and culturally responsive services that help them thrive. Support provided by the Target Foundation helps us increase access for those with the greatest barriers and set forth our vision to address the root causes of racial and socioeconomic inequities in the areas of housing and homeownership. Because of the Foundation’s support, Model Cities will advance many of the activities outlined in our 2023 Strategic Plan, creating transformational change within our organization to better support the needs of those we serve.

Ms. Kizzy L. Downie
CEO, Model Cities of St. Paul, Inc.

We’re proud to support the work of Model Cities and its mission to provide social and economic prosperity by providing access to opportunities that stabilize and develop families and communities. Through its comprehensive, systemic approach, the organization focuses its services and activities on: increasing economic opportunity; developing and managing residential and commercial real estate; and engaging in activities that lead to healthy communities.

The Target Foundation’s grant will support program expenses for Model Cities' Housing Initiative. The programs layer safe, affordable housing and homeownership for families and support services to cultivate self-determination and equip its majority BIPOC clients with the financial literacy and resources to sustain housing.