Shareholder Information

Annual Meeting

The 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for June 8, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. (Central Daylight Time) online at We are holding the 2022 Annual Meeting in a virtual-only meeting format. You will not be able to attend the 2022 Annual Meeting at a physical location.

Shareholder Information

Quarterly and annual shareholder information (including the Form 10-Q Quarterly Reports and Form 10-K Annual Report, which are filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission) is available at no charge to shareholders. To obtain copies of these materials, you may send an e-mail to, call 1-800-775-3110, or write to: Target Corporation, Attn: John Hulbert, VP, Investor Relations, 1000 Nicollet Mall (TPN-0841), Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403.

These documents as well as other information about Target Corporation, including our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Corporate Governance Guidelines (includes Director Code of Ethics), Board Committee Charters, Team Member Code of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Report, are also available on the Internet at

Transfer Agent, Registrar and Dividend Disbursing Agent

EQ Shareowner Services

Stock Exchange Listing

Trading Symbol: TGT
New York Stock Exchange

Shareholder Assistance

For assistance regarding individual stock records, lost certificates, name or address changes, dividend or tax questions, call EQ Shareowner Services at 1-800-794-9871, access their website at or write to: EQ Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 64874, St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0874.

Direct Stock Purchase/Dividend Reinvestment Plan

EQ Shareowner Services administers a direct purchase plan that allows interested investors to purchase Target Corporation stock directly, rather than through a broker, and become a registered shareholder of the company. The program offers many features including dividend reinvestment. For detailed information regarding this program, call EQ Shareowner Services toll free at 1-800-794-9871 or write to: EQ Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 64874, St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0874.