Our support through the years has given kids and schools more of what they need to succeed.

take charge of education

a class receives a TCOE check

With the help of our REDcard™ holders, Target's Take Charge of Education (TCOE) program reached more than 120,000 schools, and contributed more than $432 million toward classroom supplies, activities and programs throughout its 19-year span. We're proud of the impact TCOE has made, and look forward to continuing our support for schools and students through new programs and partnerships.


meals for minds

a Meals for Minds pantry bag

Without proper nutrition, kids can’t concentrate or perform well in school. Our Target Meals for Minds program brings food to K-12 students and families in need. Now active in 66 schools in 44 cities across the country, and powered by our partnerships with Feeding America and local food banks, the program offers students access to fresh foods and staples right at their own schools.