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About Target Drive Up with Starbucks, Our New Fulfillment Feature

  • Updated 6:00am CT | Oct 3, 2023

Target guests nationwide can add their favorite Starbucks handcrafted beverages and food and have it delivered along with the rest of their Drive Up order straight to their car through our free curbside service.

After beginning a national rollout in August 2023, Drive Up with Starbucks is now available in Target’s more than 1,700 stores with both a Starbucks Café and Drive Up service. Target and Starbucks have partnered to offer the convenience of freshly prepared Starbucks favorites through a curbside order pickup, marking yet another way we are energizing — and easing — the shopping experience. Target is the first retailer to offer this service at this scale.

How it works 

After placing a Drive Up order at a participating Target store and receiving notification that it’s ready, a guest will indicate they are en route in the Target app. Then:  

  1. The guest will receive a prompt to place an order from the Starbucks full menu. Upon making their Starbucks selections, they will click “Add for Drive Up” and pay for the order.     

  1. Once the guest completes the Drive Up check-in process and indicates “I’m on my way,” a Starbucks barista located within the participating Target store prepares the order. This includes packaging food and beverage items to ensure their safe transport, such as drink stoppers to securely seal lid openings. 

  1. The guest parks in the designated Drive Up parking area and taps “I’m here” in the Target app. A Target team member then delivers the freshly prepared Starbucks order — along with the guest’s Drive Up purchase — to their car.

Behind the scenes 

Target began building the Drive Up with Starbucks app functionality in late 2021 after guests overwhelmingly requested the feature. We piloted the service with team members at select stores, using their feedback throughout our test-and-learn approach to fine-tune Drive Up with Starbucks for this initial launch to our guests. We will continue to enhance the offer as we improve the service.  

Drive Up with Starbucks has already proven highly popular with guests. The three top-selling items: iced brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso, birthday cake pop and iced caramel macchiato.  

Building on our incredible store experience 

Drive Up with Starbucks builds upon Target’s more than 20-year partnership with Starbucks, which today has more than 1,700 Cafés serving up comfort in our stores around the country. With the ability to add a Starbucks drink or menu item to a Drive Up order, we are making Target runs through our same-day services even more rewarding and convenient than ever. 

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