Celebrating the Creators, Artists and Founders Behind Target’s 2022 Latino Heritage Month Collection

  • Sep 9, 2022
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Latino Heritage Month is almost here, and the Bullseye has lots for our guests to be excited about. On top of our year-round offerings (more on that below), we’re kicking off the celebration with this year’s exclusive Latino Heritage Month collection. Think: more than 90 Latino-owned and founded finds, from apparel and accessories and books to movies, music, games, food and more, as well as only-at-Target creations designed by Latino artists. Plus, we’re partnering with JZD, a lifestyle brand that celebrates Latina community and culture, on apparel and accessories exclusively for Latino Heritage Month. 

All in, our goal is to show recognition to Latino communities during Latino Heritage Month and beyond — offering products that bring our guests joy while spotlighting Latino-owned and founded brands. Read on to hear from some of the creative minds behind the collection — and learn how we’re supporting Latino brands and businesses year-round. 

Meet the makers 

This year we teamed up with Latino artists and creators that represent diverse backgrounds across the Latino community — showcasing the diversity, celebrations, family traditions, art and history of Latino culture. Here’s a peek at their inspiration, motivation and what it means to have their designs featured in Target’s Latino Heritage Month collection: 

Side-by-side images. Left: a rose-colored t-shirt with the words “Carazon Latino” written in the front. Right: two smiling women stand shoulder-to-shoulder wearing rose-colored t-shirts with the words “Latina Power” written in the front.

Jen and Vero Zeano 
Founders of JZD 

“It’s important to celebrate intersectionality and diversity in our community because all of our experiences and paths are different. We should honor, respect and celebrate those differences in order to fully represent our community.” 

Side-by-side images. Left: an illustration of a smiling woman wearing glasses and a multicolored shirt rests her head on her hands. Right: a multi-colored tote bag adorned by artwork of three women drawn with diverse skin tones on its side.

Daniela Jordan-Villaveces 
Creative director and illustrator 

“I would love for my art to bring joy to people, so that we live our lives with happiness and the understanding that we’re in this together.” 

Side-by-side images: Left: A skateboard with peach-colored wheels and oceanic coating bares a graphic of a figure in the middle. Right: A bald man wearing a tie dye long sleeve shirt folds his arms across his chest.

Gabriel Garcia Roman 
Craftsman and artist 

“I grew up with little to no visual representation of my community and I am changing that with every piece of artwork I put out into the world.”

Side-by-side images: Left: A smiling woman wearing a hat with a birthmark on her left cheek. Right: A holographic tumbler with the phrase “Sonando Vivamente” printed on the front.

Jen White-Johnson 
Designer, art educator and activist 

“I want my Afro-Latinas to feel seen, validated, represented and prideful in celebrating their curls and skin color. We need to amplify the parts of our natural beauty that aren’t always celebrated.” 

Side-by-side images: Left: A white t-shirt with the phrase Sana Sana Colita de Rana

Alex "Mamut" Izaguirre 
Graphic artist  

“Latino Heritage Month is not only a celebration of our heritage but also a reminder and a call for visibility. We have so much more to offer than cliches and stereotypes, and I think it's a starting point to feature and celebrate the lives and works of the present and past generations who didn't have the opportunity.”

Side-by-side images: Left: A smiling woman wears a flamingo-colored turtleneck tucks a disco ball under her right arm. Right: A black t-shirt with the phrase “Proud De Mi Cultura” written on the front.

Jackie Rivera 

“I’ve always felt drawn to art since I was a child. I find a lot of joy in interpreting my life experiences through my art. I am incredibly inspired by other female artists of color who have paved the way for others. Representation matters!” 

“Más Que” meets the eye  

A side-by-side collage of four Más Que marketing photos, featuring Latinos wearing brightly colored clothing model products from the Latino Heritage Month exclusive collection.

Target supports and empowers Latino brands, businesses and creators year-round through philanthropic partnerships, donations and grants to local communities with large Latino populations. And our “Más Que” (“More Than”) meets-the-eye marketing campaign uplifts Latino voices and brands through authentic storytelling all year. 

Want to show your support as you shop? Check out our always-on Más Que hub on Target.com, spotlighting Latino-owned and founded businesses. And keep an eye out for the “Latino-owned” digital icons when shopping online to identify and support the brands you love. 

Learn more about Target’s continued investment in our Latino team members, guests and communities. 

A Target team member wearing a yellow jacket smiles while pushing a cart at Drive Up.

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