How Target’s Reimagining the Future of Our Headquarters Work

  • Apr 25, 2022
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Target team members have always been trailblazers. So when our global headquarters team began working virtually in 2020 — and didn’t miss a beat supporting our frontline teams and business — we saw a rare and exciting opportunity.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rethink our headquarters experience in ways that will continue to propel us forward, long after the pandemic subsides,” says Melissa Kremer, chief human resources (HR) officer. “Our team is designing the future of HQ work to be hybrid — blending onsite and virtual work to give us flexibility in how we collaborate. We’re listening and learning from each other, and investing in the resources we need to do our best work. Target already has a strong team culture of caring, growing and winning together that will support this new way of working for years to come.”

Of course, we won’t have the full picture, or all the answers, right away — and that’s by design. We created a new “future of work” team devoted to building this strategy and helping our organization move forward. And at our HQ locations around the world, team members are being thoughtful, curious and open to new ideas and sharing feedback as we chart this course together.

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We’re letting culture, not rules, guide our way

Instead of a rulebook, we created guiding principles for the big, broad decisions our global teams and leaders are making together. For example:

  • We’ll design the future of work with our team members by seeking their input, listening and caring, and incorporating team members' needs into the plan.
  • Our HQ spaces will support collaboration, connection and community.
  • The health and safety of our team will remain our top priority, always.

Test, listen, learn, repeat

Our transition to hybrid work is meant to be gradual, allowing our teams time to test and learn from each other to build lasting change. Most team members won’t be given a set amount of time they’re expected to be onsite vs. remote. Instead, each person will work with their leader to personalize a plan based on their role, team and preferences.

"We’re leaning into a ‘flex for your day’ approach and encouraging our HQ team members to test and explore when and where they need to be on any given day to do their best work,” says Steve Brophy, senior vice president, future of work, HR. “They’re sharing great feedback along the way that’s helping to shape our hybrid model, and the input will help us iterate our approach into the future."

It’s all about options

To support this shift, we’ve invested in office space enhancements, technology and well-being resources that provide what our teams tell us would make it easier to support our frontline teams and the business.

Our HQ offices play an important role, and we’re committed to our Target Plaza buildings in downtown Minneapolis and Target Northern Campus in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, as well as our offices around the world. We’re redefining them to reflect (rather than dictate) how our teams will collaborate, and remain part of the surrounding communities in the future. Last fall, we began opening newly remodeled collaboration spaces at our U.S. locations to give the team more options. They now accommodate in-person and virtual collaboration, with open-format floor plans, Zoom-enabled conference rooms, low-touch technology, mobile apps and more. 

We’re also testing a new flex floor concept at our Minnesota HQ buildings — designated floors with convenient and inspiring team spaces and amenities that make it easier for teams to collaborate when some team members are onsite and others are working remotely or from home.

Inside Target HQ's flex floors

8 assets

In addition to their personal desks, team members now have access to five flex floors across our Twin Cities offices, featuring innovative meeting and collaboration spaces, reserve-able desks and day lockers, snack stations, a pickup spot for Target Café and Shipt deliveries, and many more amenities for comfort and convenience.

Care and connection are key

Meanwhile, our team members need to stay connected as they work together in new ways from locations around the world. To help, we’ve introduced new communication channels and programs, including a companywide communication platform on Slack and our new Purpose Network, which helps team members build connections with colleagues even if they’re working in different locations.

We also offer health and safety resources, including Team Member Life Resources (free, 24/7 confidential support and access to expert services for team members and their families) and apps like Grokker, to help them manage physical and mental health and financial well-being.

Looking ahead

This spring and summer, our HQ team will continue to experiment with how and when they use our provided sites and resources to be most effective, and share feedback along the way as they develop their hybrid routines. The goal is to make it easier for our teams to collaborate — and ensure all team members feel included and cared for at Target — as we continue to deliver for our guests and communities.

And that’s just the start of what’s to come. Stay tuned for more updates on the future of our work at HQ and learn more about how we support our teams and communities all year long.

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