Target’s 2020 Workforce Diversity Report Shows Our Progress — and What’s Ahead

  • Jul 27, 2021
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Creating welcoming and inclusive places to work, shop and belong. It’s at the heart of what we do at Target, a longtime commitment that shapes our strong team culture and drives our business.

Over the past 16 years, we’ve built and refined our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, championed through ambitious goals that help us welcome more team members of color, offer a wider range of products from diverse suppliers, direct philanthropic support and more. In 2020, we took steps to accelerate our progress and increase transparency through our Racial Equity Action and Change (REACH) committee. And in 2021, we introduced Target Forward, our enterprise sustainability strategy that includes new goals for creating a more equitable and inclusive workforce by 2030.

“It’s always been important to us that we build and develop a diverse Target team that reflects our guests and the communities we serve,” says Kiera Fernandez, senior vice president of talent and change and chief diversity and inclusion officer. “Part of that commitment is setting data-driven goals and transparently holding ourselves accountable every day for making progress across the organization.”

The data speaks, and guides our way

In 2020, Target released our first disaggregated Workforce Diversity Report (based on 2019 data) that breaks down racial and gender data across all levels of our organization, allowing us a deeper look at what’s going well and what we can do better. Tracking and analyzing this data against our goals and commitments is one way we stay focused on the right areas as our team grows together.

Today, we share a look at the 2020 Workforce Diversity Report, including some important findings that will help us continue to clarify those focus areas.

View Target’s 2020 Workforce Diversity Report

Among our 2020 highlights:

  • We made strides toward our commitment to increase Black representation across the company by 20% by 2023. To date, we’ve made positive progress in all salaried levels, including a nearly 25% increase among our officers. And we’ll continue our focus on systemic changes to advance and retain our Black team members over the next three years.
  • Our workforce’s diversity remained steady since the last report; 50% of our team members and 25% of our leadership team are people of color. And 58% of our team members and 50% of our leadership team are women.
  • We maintained our industry-leading representation within our board of directors; one third of its members are women and nearly half are Latino or Black.

Our team is already using the 2020 report data to help us make the Bullseye experience even better for our teams. That includes adding new opportunities for team members to advance in their careers and understanding and addressing gaps to make sure our entire team has equitable experiences.

“We’re working toward ambitious goals,” Kiera says, “but we know they’re achievable with support from our leaders and teams who recognize how important this work is in creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive team. By working together, we’ll continue to make Target a place where all team members can thrive.”

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