sustainable products

We're committed to expanding our selection of sustainable product choices that effectively balance price, performance and convenience.

it’s as simple as that

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We know guests are on the lookout for easy ways to bring sustainable practices into their daily routines, so we help them out by offering a wide selection of sustainable products—like groceries, cleaning products, beauty items and more—that are also affordable and convenient. 

brands you know and love

Burt's Bees beauty products

We carry a broad assortment of our guests' favorite sustainably-minded brands, such as Method soaps, Seventh Generation cleaning supplies and Yes To and Burt's Bees beauty products.

increasing organics

In 2012, we set a goal to increase our offering of organic food and beverages by 25 percent by the end of 2017. Since then, we’ve made strong progress as we introduce new products and assortments, including our signature Simply Balanced grocery brand, which includes more than 40 percent organic products. In 2014, we’ll test the sale of organic fruits and vegetables in some of our PFresh stores, making it easier for guests to find and choose organic produce.

more efficient transportation

truck with Target product

Another of our goals is to adopt cleaner and more fuel-efficient transportation practices. While we don’t own or operate the fleets that carry our freight, we work closely with carriers, vendors and other partners to help put more efficient processes in place. In 2008, we joined the EPA's SmartWay Transportation Partnership, which includes an annual carbon footprint assessment of domestic transportation operations.

our sustainable product index

In 2013, we introduced the Target Sustainable Product Index, developed in partnership with industry experts, vendors and NGOs, to help establish a common language, definition and process for qualifying what makes a product more sustainable. Beginning with our personal care, beauty, household cleaning and baby care product categories, we’re using UL's Purview Platform to collect information from vendors and evaluate the products’ qualities against set criteria.

improving packaging sustainability

product packaging

To improve our packaging, we recently set a goal to make more of our owned-brand packaging designs more sustainable by the end of 2016. To achieve this, we plan to reduce the overall materials used, include more recycled or renewable content, and reduce as much  product waste as possible.

increasing our sustainable seafood selection

one bag of Simply Balanced shrimp

Healthy oceans are critical to a healthy planet, so our goal is to make our entire fresh and frozen seafood selection sustainable and traceable, or in a credible, time-bound improvement process by the end of fiscal year 2015. Through a partnership with nonprofit partner, FishWiselink opens in a new window, we’ll make progress by continuing to buy from suppliers who source responsibly and working with our partners to encourage the best supply-chain practices.