stakeholder engagement

At Target, we aim to leverage our size, scale and reach to positively impact the communities in which we serve and operate. Going beyond what we can achieve in our own operations and with our vendors, we collaborate with NGOs, governments, industry organizations and other businesses to innovate solutions to the most pressing issues we face today. They also help us influence how we support our team members and guests.

Below is an overview of the groups we engaged, how those groups were engaged, the issues they raised and what Target is doing to respond to their feedback. Looking ahead, we plan to evolve our stakeholder engagement to ensure our materiality process is aligned with existing stakeholder engagements throughout the year.

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World Wildlife Fund logo

environmental partners

We collaborate with organizations like World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in programs aligned with our environmental commitments. We also work with issue experts from these organizations to develop specific action plans and goals. In partnership with WWF, we developed a holistic freshwater stewardship approach that will address how we can improve water quality, optimize water efficiency and increase access to clean water for people and nature.

Some of our other environmental partners include:

Sustainable Apparel Coalition logo

responsible sourcing partners

We’re a founding member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalitionlink opens in a new window, a group of retailers and industry experts that work to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products. We work with other partners to continually improve our sustainable sourcing practices, ensure the products we sell are safe and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Some of our other responsible sourcing partners include:

diversity & inclusion partners

Through learning events, seminars and leadership roundtables, we work with our partners to drive our diversity and inclusion strategy, and forge connections across the country. These ongoing relationships help create a thriving, innovative environment, and a great place to work for our team members.

Some of our other diversity and inclusion partners include:

US Soccer logo

well-being partners

Through our partnerships with expert health and well-being organizations, including the U.S. Soccer Foundation, we strive to create a culture of well-being for all of our team members and promote healthy lifestyles and access to play in communities where we do business.

Some of our other well-being partners include:

  • Aspen Project Play 2020
  • Girls on the Run
  • KaBOOM!
  • National Recreation & Park Association
  • Wholesome Wave
FEMA logo

safety & preparedness partners

We've cultivated a strong partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agencylink opens in a new window (FEMA) over the past several years to support disaster recovery efforts, and improve communication between the public and private sectors. We even participated in the first-ever integration of the private sector into FEMA’s National Response and Coordination Center (NRCC).

Some of our other safety and preparedness partners include:

good to know

  • Engaging with our stakeholders and listening to their ideas, concerns and perspectives is vital to the success of our business.


  • our response : minimize panel

    Continue to reach our goals and targets, and monitor the changing landscapes to ensure we are doing our part to address environmental and social issues material to our business while continuing to drive meaningful business results.

civil society organizations

  • how we engaged them : minimize panel
    • Participation in conferences and forums
    • Public-private partnerships and engagement on select topics
    • Strategic partnerships and
    • consultation around material issues
    • Volunteer projects
    • Grant recipient interactions
  • top issues raised : minimize panel
    • Reduced emissions
    • Reduced water use
    • Waste reduction
    • Product ingredient safety
    • Raw materials
    • Worker well-being
    • Economic vitality
    • Workforce development
    • Creative economy
    • Social determinants of health
    • Social service disparities/needs
  • our response : minimize panel

    Continue to reach our goals and targets set forth to ensure we are doing our part to address societal issues material to our business.


  • how we engaged them : minimize panel

    All vendors

    • External partner website
    • Annual meetings
    • Trainings and workshops
    • Vendor Code of Conduct

    Owned-brand vendors

    • Annual assessment
    • Annual owned-brand vendor meeting
  • our response : minimize panel

    Share our resources and offer a transparent view of our work with partners around the world to improve worker well-being throughout our supply chain, achieve net-positive manufacturing and derive key raw materials from ethical and sustainable sources.

team members

  • how we engaged them : minimize panel
    • Human Resources communications
    • Daily all-team member email
    • Integrity Hotline
    • Employee Resource Groups and Networks
    • Confidential annual team member survey
    • Executive leadership emails and videos
    • Citizens at Target (nonpartisan platform for civic engagement)
    • Volunteer projects
  • our response : minimize panel

    Give our team members opportunities to grow professionally, take care of themselves and their families and make an impact on our guests and our local communities.


  • how we engaged them : minimize panel
    • Guest Services direct interactions
    • Receipt-to-online guest satisfaction surveys
    • Social media monitoring and engagement
    • Focus groups
    • Online polling
    • Face-to-face interactions in our stores
    • In-store marketing
    • A Bullseye View website
  • top issues raised : minimize panel
    • Product ingredient safety
    • Access to better-for-you products
    • Diverse and inclusive assortment/marketing messages
    • Raw materials
    • Responsible sourcing
  • our response : minimize panel

    Continue to increase access to better-for-you products that prioritize areas guests tell us are most important to them—those that go in, on and around their bodies.

    Continue to increase our diverse assortment of products.

policy influencers

  • our response : minimize panel

    Advocate at all levels of government, including with policymakers and legislators, to ensure the impact legislative and regulatory issues have on our business, industry, communities and team members is understood.