stakeholder engagement

We value the voices of our internal and external stakeholders. Keeping our finger on the pulse of their concerns helps our business address the right issues today and tomorrow in a timely, effective and targeted way. We have expanded our stakeholder engagement process to allow our material topics to reflect ongoing stakeholder dialogue throughout the year.

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  • top topics raised : minimize panel
    • Corporate governance
    • Environmental impacts
    • Fair wages and benefits
    • Financial performance
    • Materials and packaging
    • Supply chain management
    • Sustainable product portfolio
  • our response : minimize panel

    Continue to reach our goals and targets, and monitor the changing landscapes to address material environmental and social topics while continuing to drive meaningful business results.

civil society organizations

  • how we engaged them : minimize panel
    • Interactions through community partnerships and volunteerism
    • Participation in conferences and forums
    • Partnerships to advance mutual agendas
    • Select topical engagement
    • Strategic partnerships and consultation on material issues
  • top topics raised : minimize panel
    • Community engagement
    • Economic opportunity
    • Environmental impacts
    • Materials and packaging
    • Philanthropy
    • Safety, preparedness and response
    • Supply chain management
    • Workforce development
  • our response : minimize panel

    Continue to reach our goals and targets set forth to address societal issues material to our business.

    Focused financial, human and in-kind support in communities where Target operates to work to improve the livelihoods of people across the United States and in our sourcing communities.


  • how we engaged them : minimize panel

    All vendors

    • Annual meetings
    • External partner website
    • Trainings and workshops
    • Vendor Code of Conduct

    Owned-brand vendors

    • Annual assessment
    • Annual owned-brand vendor meeting
    • Standards of Vendor Engagement (SOVE)
  • our response : minimize panel

    Share our resources and offer a transparent view of our work with partners around the world to work to improve worker well-being throughout our supply chain, achieve net-positive manufacturing and derive key raw materials from ethical and sustainable sources.

    Investment in and development of diverse suppliers.

team members

  • how we engaged them : minimize panel
    • Confidential annual team member survey
    • Daily team member email
    • Employee Resource Groups
    • Executive leadership emails and videos
    • Focus groups and listening sessions
    • Human resources communications
    • Inclusion acumen training
    • Integrity Hotline
    • Volunteerism
  • top topics raised : minimize panel
    • Competitive wages and benefits
    • Diverse and inclusive workforce
    • Environmental and social impacts
    • Philanthropy
    • Team member to team member support
    • Worker well-being
  • our response : minimize panel

    Give our team members opportunities to grow professionally, take care of themselves, each other and their families and make a positive impact on our guests and our local communities.


  • how we engaged them : minimize panel
    • A Bullseye View website and newsletter
    • Face-to-face interactions in our stores
    • Focus groups
    • Guest Services direct interactions
    • In-store marketing
    • Online polling
    • Receipt-to-online guest satisfaction surveys
    • Social media monitoring and engagement
    • Target Circle loyalty program
  • our response : minimize panel

    Continue to increase access to better-for-you products that prioritize areas guests tell us are most important to them—those that go in, on and around their bodies.

    Continue to listen and deliver inclusive products, services and experiences.

government officials & influencers

  • how we engaged them : minimize panel
    • In meetings with local team members and company leaders
    • Through letters and written or verbal testimony
    • With trade associations and policy-based organizations
  • our response : minimize panel

    Enterprise-wide intake and assessment of salient policy issues. 

    Advocate at all levels of government, including with policymakers and legislators, to explain the impact legislative and regulatory issues have on our business, industry, communities and team members.

good to know

  • Engaging with our stakeholders and listening to their ideas, concerns and perspectives is vital to the success of our business.