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Our in-house technology team and platform help make Target America’s easiest, safest, and most joyful place to shop and work. Diversity and inclusion are deeply engrained in our culture, and we operate with an everyday focus on innovation and experimentation, continuous learning, and growth and development. Join our global team to work across a wide range of technologies, from digital to supply chain to cybersecurity, relying on best-in-class data science algorithms that drive value. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Target leads the retail industry in using Artificial Intelligence to improve product and system performance. Develop and communicate algorithms informed by scientists using state-of-the-art mathematical models. Use machine language and statistical modeling to empower business teams with the insights they need to innovate the guest experience at warp speed. 

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Business Intelligence Reporting & Analytics

Play on innovation’s next frontier as you enable faster, smarter and more scalable decision-making to compete and win in the modern retail market. Leverage data and statistics to create the actionable insights that deliver value across all Target functions. Use market-leading tools and data automation to make a positive impact across the business.

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Business Technology

Target's internal tech tools are key to our continued growth and success. Support our IT partners as you manage databases and implement the new software, hardware, and administrative systems that teams like Human Resources, Finance and other key business areas rely on every day.

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Data Engineering

Help develop the data pipeline that our data scientists and artificial intelligence pros need to innovate in a competitive marketplace. Use the latest big data tools including Hadoop, Spark, Druid and Python, as well as CI/CD tools like Drone, Jenkins and Opensource.

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Data Science

Use your skills for data science and artificial intelligence to enable Target's mission of being the very best retailer. Analyze business metrics, develop forecasting models, optimize algorithms, work on cutting-edge machine learning techniques, measure and validate model performance—all while delivering algorithmic decisioning at a multibillion dollar scale.

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Security Analysis

Develop processes and measure the awareness and effectiveness of Assets Protection efforts. Help ensure our company-wide loss prevention strategies are always on the cutting edge.

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Service Management

Help Target optimize the big picture by managing our portfolio of information systems and  functions. From software to hardware, applications, enterprise systems and databases, be an expert on our wide range of resources and services and how to get the most value from them. 

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Technology Analysis

Bring your technical and analytical talents to the next level at Target. Empower the business by designing and configuring new modules to improve Target's essential systems. Help ensure the seamless integration of package software solutions with existing applications to maintain optimal performance. 

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Technical Architecture

Ensure a sound, seamless and efficient technology structure to help maintain Target as a go-to resource for guests. Make a positive impact on how we use our resources, promote the value of our engineering focus and be a critical point of connection, making sure that all of the different parts come together for the greater good. 

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Technology Engineering

Help fuel Target’s passion and commitment to cutting-edge innovation. Be a part of the team that anchors every facet of the business in a strong technology framework relying on the latest tools and technologies to deliver incredible value to guests online and in stores. Use industry-leading technologies and ensure that Target operates smoothly, securely and reliably from the inside out.

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Technology Product Management

Enable Target’s business through technology and analytic products that are easy to use, maintain and rely on. Be an advocate for the product to ensure that needs are met while maintaining and refining the product backlog. Work with partners to develop a comprehensive product strategy and roadmap by leveraging your product knowledge and customer feedback. 

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Technology Project Management

Play a key role with a company-wide impact as you plan, initiate and manage the information technology (IT) projects that keep Target moving forward. You’ll provide guidance to technical staff and act as a liaison between the business and technical aspects of technology projects. Bring your project management skillset to the forefront of the planning stages while you assess the business implications of each. Foster accountability and proactive problem-solving as you monitor progress and empower teams to meet deadlines, standards and cost targets.

User Experience & Interface

Design inspiring, intuitive and impactful user experiences for Target guests, team members and business. Create technical product interfaces that are informed by key context and insights for maximum usability and accessibility, whether online or in store. 

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