Service Centers & Financial Retail Services

From guest service professionals and product designers, to vendor managers and financial and workforce management analysts, FRS comprises several key and high-visibility areas that elevate and nurture Target's distinctive reputation.

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Types of jobs in this area


Collections strategy execution

Minimize losses by collecting overdue payments, delivering guest repayment solutions and implementing critical strategies. This team significantly impacts Target's bottom line by preventing loss and securing payment while enhancing guest relationships. 

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Finance & credit services

Help Target protect the value guests expect from their RedCard by identifying and preventing potential fraud and connecting with third-party merchants to resolve guest purchase concerns. Create solutions that reduce risk and help manage the accurate production and distribution of Target's financial products.

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Financial product design

Develop financial products for a fast, frictionless and affirming guest experience. This team helps guests unlock the full value of their Target run through the management and promotion of Target Prepaid (gift card) and RedCard businesses.

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Guest & team member contact centers

Help Target strengthen relationships with millions of guests and team members. You'll be the first point of contact with financial and retail services by answering guest and team member phone calls, letters and e-mails, resolving issues and providing outstanding service.

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