Finance & Accounting

Our ability to constantly innovate rests on a solid foundation of fiscal responsibility and benchmarks to anticipate future business needs. This team’s analysis and recommendations are integral to critical business decisions that evolve our business in the competitive retail space.

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Catapult the success of Target's business initiatives and core retail operations by working on a variety of challenges with enterprise-wide impact. Go beyond number crunching and become a trusted resource and partner.

Accounts Payable/Receivable 

Maintain accurate financials by providing quality reporting and analytics. Your thoughtful and responsive support, expertise and guidance will be key to the success of your merchant, supply chain, stores and finance partners.


Provide internal consulting to identify business risks to Target’s strategic growth strategies, daily operations and reputation. Foster a culture of compliance awareness and business ethics. Deliver objective, independent and risk-focused insights to the audit committee and business owners.

Financial Planning & Analysis 

Create outstanding financial results by enabling and accelerating Target’s strategic execution. Nurture influential partnerships with leaders who value your credibility, informed by your quality and reliable insights. Use your skills for analytical rigor, creative problem-solving and sound decision-making.

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Finance Process & Operations 

Produce quality financial and inventory reporting, accurate financials and technical accounting. Deliver thoughtful and responsive support, expertise and guidance to business partners.


Use your technical accounting skills to provide accurate reporting on production, wages, time worked, commission, deductions and other data to ensure that Target team members are compensated accurately and on time.


Shape guidance on tax regulations and new or emerging tax implications for Target's business. Leverage your expertise to analyze financial data and create and communicate tax-related financial information.

Treasury & Banking 

Deploy your expertise in treasury and banking operations to inform Target's organizational finance, investment, insurance, risk management and compliance strategies.

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Our benefits support the holistic well-being of our team members and their families — from their financial security to their mental and physical health.

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