LGBTQIA+ Team Members & Guests

At Target, our business thrives when we create experiences that foster a sense of belonging for our team members, guests and communities. Belonging is at the core of our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, which has helped our business grow for decades.


Pride+ Business Council

The Pride+ Business Council employee resource group strives to elevate Target’s purpose of delivering joy to everyday life for the LGBTQIA+ community. Pride+ Business Council creates events and experiences for team members to connect and get involved with one another.   

Pride Month  

Target and the Pride+ Business Council celebrate Pride Month each June with internal events and experiences for interested team members, as well as a presence at local Pride events. Target also spotlights LGBTQ-owned brands in our assortment during Pride Month and year-round in our stores and online.  

Supplier diversity 

Target is committed to supporting a diverse range of suppliers so our guests can find the products they want and need, helping our business thrive. These partnerships take several forms, including providing access to our resources and expertise; sourcing from diverse creators, designers, vendors, agencies, contractors and suppliers; and mentoring. 

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Community partnerships 

Our rich, 120-year history of partnership, volunteerism, philanthropy and local engagement helps communities thrive. Since our founding, Target has recognized that “making ourselves useful in the world” by caring for our team, guests and communities is essential for sustained growth. We aim to create deep and lasting relationships with the communities we serve. 

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