Grace Puma

Former Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, PepsiCo, Inc.


Grace Puma is the former Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer at PepsiCo, Inc., a multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation. She held that position from 2017 until April 2022. Previously, Ms. Puma served PepsiCo, Inc. as Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Officer and Senior Vice President, Global Chief Procurement Officer. She also served as Senior Vice President, Global Chief Procurement Officer at United Airlines Holdings, Inc. and held a variety of positions at Kraft Foods, Inc. and Motorola, Inc.  

Skills and qualifications

Ms. Puma provides the Board with retail industry experience, senior leadership, human capital management, capital deployment, global supply chain, financial management, risk management, and ESG skills developed over her more than 30 years of service with escalating levels of responsibility across multiple functions at a variety of well-known companies, including over a decade with PepsiCo. As Chief Operations Officer at PepsiCo she was responsible for many of the functions requiring those skills. With respect to ESG, Ms. Puma was a member of the PepsiCo executive steering team that evaluated ESG strategy and program recommendations. In addition, her service on other public company boards has enhanced her skills and strengthens the Board’s collective oversight capability. She also has experience with the roles and responsibilities of different board committees through current or prior service on the audit and finance and talent committees of other public company boards.

Other public company boards

Current Within past five years Other past boards
Organon & Co. 

Williams-Sonoma, Inc.