Dmitri L. Stockton

Former Senior Vice President & Special Advisor to the Chairman, General Electric Company


Dmitri L. Stockton is the former Senior Vice President & Special Advisor to the Chairman of General Electric Company, a global infrastructure and technology conglomerate. Mr. Stockton previously held several other executive level positions with General Electric Company, including Chairman, President, & Chief Executive Officer of GE Asset Management Incorporated, President & Chief Executive Officer of GE Capital Global Banking/Senior Vice President of General Electric Company based in London, President & Chief Executive Officer of GE Consumer Finance, Central & Eastern Europe, and Vice President of General Electric Company. 

Skills and qualifications

Mr. Stockton provides the Board with senior leadership, marketing / brands, human capital management, capital deployment, information security / data privacy, financial management, risk management, reputation management, and environmental, social, and governance skills developed over his more than 30 years of service with General Electric Company in senior leadership positions with escalating levels of responsibility, including different CEO roles where he was responsible for many of the functions requiring those skills. In addition, his service on other public company boards has enhanced those skills and strengthens the Board’s collective oversight capability. He also has experience with the roles and responsibilities of different board committees through current or prior service on the audit, compensation, finance, and/or executive committees of other public company boards.

Other public company boards

Current Within past five years Other past boards

Deere & Company 

Ryder System, Inc. 

WestRock Company 

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.