Corporate Governance

We believe that transparency and strong corporate governance practices reflecting the rights, roles and responsibilities of our shareholders, Board of Directors and management establish the foundation for effectively serving our shareholders, guests, team members, vendors and the communities in which we operate. Explore this page to learn more about the corporate governance documents that reflect our corporate governance practices. 

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Articles of Incorporation 

Our Articles of Incorporation establish our legal structure, including the type, amount and rights of shares that we may issue. Together with our Bylaws, our Articles of Incorporation provide the core legal framework of our business. 

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Our Bylaws provide detailed rules about how Target is governed, including meetings of our shareholders, meetings of our Board of Directors, qualifications and election of members of our Board of Directors, the Committees of our Board of Directors, and the appointment and responsibilities of our officers. 

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Corporate Governance Guidelines (includes Director Code of Ethics) 

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines contain rules to assist our Board of Directors and its Committees in performing their duties. In particular, our Corporate Governance Guidelines provide details about our Board of Directors, including its leadership and structure, Committees, meetings, membership and evaluations, and management oversight.  

Our Director Code of Ethics, which is contained in our Corporate Governance Guidelines, focuses members of our Board of Directors on areas of ethical risk, provides guidance to help recognize ethical issues and understand how to report unethical conduct, and helps foster a culture of honesty and accountability.

Like all team members, our executive leaders follow Target's Team Member Code of Ethics.

Download our Corporate Governance Guidelines and Director Code of Ethics

Board of Directors & Management

Find all of the details on the background, skills and qualifications of Target’s Board of Directors.

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Board Committees & Charters 

Our Board of Directors has four standing Committees. Each Committee has a charter that details its delegated roles and responsibilities.  

Learn about our committees and view their charters

Board Skills & Diversity

Our Board of Directors collectively possesses a combination of backgrounds, skills, and experiences that make it well-qualified to exercise oversight responsibilities on behalf of Target’s shareholders and other stakeholders. In addition, our Board values diversity, equity, and inclusion, and its membership is consistent with the strong history of gender and racial/ethnic diversity on the Board.

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Communicating with our Board of Directors 

Shareholders and other interested parties seeking to communicate with any individual director or group of directors may send correspondence to: 


Target Board of Directors 
c/o Corporate Secretary 
1000 Nicollet Mall, TPS-2670 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403 

Email, which is managed by the Corporate Secretary. 

The Corporate Secretary, in turn, has been instructed by the Board to forward all communications, except those that are clearly unrelated to Board or shareholder matters, to the relevant Board members. 

Our executive leadership

Target’s leadership team manages general company operations and advances the goals of Target Forward.

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Team Member Code of Ethics

Our Code guides our team’s decision-making, and helps us draw on shared values to bring our purpose to life. The Code also guides our leadership team.

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