Run, Don't Crawl! Good & Gather Baby and Good & Gather Toddler are Here

  • Aug 21, 2023
Packages of three different Good & Gather Baby and Toddler snacks on a colorful background next to an illustration of a banana, orange and apple with smiling faces.

We tested and tasted, and now we are thrilled to bring the high quality, great flavor and incredible value of Good & Gather, our No. 1 owned food brand, to babies and toddlers. Introducing Good & Gather Baby and Good & Gather Toddler — an exclusive line of wholesome, affordable items created especially for babies and toddlers. With most items under $5, plus a variety of delicious ingredient combos (think: strawberries and beets; apples, cinnamon and spinach; and more), it’s a win for parents and little ones.

“For generations, parents have turned to Target to help them care for their children — and I’m excited that we’re building on that legacy in food and beverage with the launch of Good & Gather Baby and Good & Gather Toddler,” says Rick Gomez, chief food and beverage officer, Target. “For little ones, these products are delicious. And parents will love that they are made with quality ingredients, are incredibly affordable and are designed with the developmental stages of their babies and toddlers in mind.”

High quality, great taste

All Good & Gather products are made without artificial flavors, synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. We know how much it matters to give little ones great-tasting and affordable food. So it made perfect sense to extend the high-quality deliciousness of Good & Gather to baby and toddler foods.

Target’s team of food and culinary scientists worked together to craft recipes that bring affordable joy straight to the table. A big part of the process? Understanding the tastes and textures little ones will love that also meet their evolving needs. The items are specifically designed for babies and toddlers as they advance through different stages, and all items are backed by a money-back guarantee.

Ready … set … go

The teethers, yogurt bites, bars and biscuits are designed to make feeding little ones simple and convenient, whether at home or on the go. And they’re all clearly labeled to make it quick and easy to help parents find the right, developmentally appropriate snack for their baby or toddler. (Teething wafers? 8 months+. Freeze-dried yogurt bites? 10 months+.)

Our Good & Gather Baby and Good & Gather Toddler assortment is now available in Target stores and To make shopping a breeze, use our free same-day services like Drive Up (no need to get the kids out of the car!) and Order Pick Up, no membership required.

Expanding Good & Gather to give you quality, delicious baby and toddler food at an incredible value? It’s another way we’re bringing affordable joy to families.

The joy of everyday life

We’re here to help all families discover the joy of everyday life — from our distinctive products to easy ways to get them from the store to your door.

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