A-Tisket, A-Tasket, a Joyful and *Budget-Friendly* Easter Basket Is Waiting for You at Target

  • Mar 6, 2023
a group of colorful bags with candy

Milk or white chocolate bunny? Marshmallow or peanut butter egg? When filling up your Easter basket this year, there’s no need to make hard choices. That’s because Target is offering more than 200 seasonal treats ahead of the holiday for under $5.

Our affordable basket builders go beyond a wide assortment of treats from beloved national brands to include more than 30 new seasonal sweets and snacks from Target owned brand Favorite Day. With so many choices, you can pick a mix of flavors and fun to create a truly memorable Easter basket.

Here are a few suggestions for assembling that perfect assortment:

A white chocolate rabbit with cookie flecks and a chocolate rabbit.

Every basket needs some bunny. Grab a Favorite Day solid milk chocolate rabbit — and a Cookies & Cream variety too! What makes these two especially sweet: They are priced at only $2 each.

A chick-shaped cookie, crisped rice treat and package of bunny-shaped chocolate bark.

Bunny-shaped bark studded with festive sprinkles, a charming chick sugar cookie and crispy rice treat can add color, different shapes and texture to the mix.

A plastic carrot-shaped bag of cheese balls, a rabbit foot-shaped marshmallow in a mug of cocoa, and four mini candy bars.

For a dash of cute, consider marshmallow bunny paws — perfect for that post-Easter-egg-hunt cup of cocoa. Mini chocolate bars provide a bite-size treat. And for a savory snack to pop between sweets, drop in an orange, carrot-shaped bag of everyone’s favorite: cheese balls.

Holiday prep fast and easy

Beyond the basket, Target is offering up other sweet ways to make holiday memories, with fun baking mixes, smashable candy egg kits and cookie bunny houses, to name a few. Can’t wait to celebrate? Spring-inspired baked goods from Favorite Day will provide that immediate treat fix.  

And as you prepare for a joyful holiday weekend, let us do the hopping. We can get you what you need, where you need it — whether in-store, through Target Order Pickup or Drive Up services, or same-day delivery via Shipt. With options like these, playing Easter Bunny will be more convenient, enjoyable and affordable than ever. 

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