Celebrating Heroes: Target Team Members Share Stories of Their Military Service in Honor of Veterans Day

  • Nov 11, 2022
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*Note: This story reflects a previous year’s plans. Learn more about Target’s 2023 military discount.

You won’t see their names when the credits roll after the latest superhero film, but our veterans and service members deserve superhero status. And at Target, showing them gratitude is an important part of our culture. That’s why every November we hold a month-long dedication to those who served — or continue to serve — our country. Here’s how we’re celebrating this Veterans Day and beyond ... 

Continuing a legacy  

Target has a long-standing commitment to supporting military communities, like our annual military appreciation discount and year-round community service, grants and career opportunities. And our support continues in 2022. Earlier this summer, we honored military service members, veterans and families with an Independence Day discount, and again offered a military discount for Veterans Day. We also partner with incredible organizations like the USO, Operation Gratitude, The Mission Continues and Veteran Jobs Mission to help extend our military support into the community. And Forbes recently recognized Target as one of America’s Best Employers for Veterans

All these efforts and achievements are made possible by Target team members and our Military Business Council employee resource group, who work to create a culture of care and belonging.

Sharing stories of service 

Today, as we celebrate Veterans Day, we asked a few of our own military team members to share stories of how their service has positively impacted their lives and careers at Target.

Four team member photos arranged in a row, wearing U.S. military uniforms or business casual attire, in front of a patriotic background.

From left: Team members Robertha Miller, operations director; Jory King, executive team lead, human resources; David Limberg, director of construction; and Fredrick Sherrod, operations manager, share their stories of service.

Explore their stories

Robertha Miller, operations director and U.S. Navy veteran

I knew earlier on that the traditional route of going to college right away wasn't for me. I didn’t want to take out college loans and I really wanted to travel the world. The Navy offered me both opportunities. While on active duty and as a reservist, I was part of something much bigger than myself, giving me perspective and a sense of purpose. I learned many skills, including how to interact with a range of people and organizations, ultimately giving me the opportunity to form connections and understand issues of inequality and privilege.

I was able to make lifelong friendships that some might even consider a sisterhood. These individuals are now part of my support system, both professionally and personally. The Navy served as a foundational pillar for me as I tend to anchor myself to its core values of honor, courage and commitment as a leader at Target today!

Jory King, executive team lead, human resources, and sergeant in the Army Reserve

I joke that I have the coolest combination of jobs possible: I am an executive team lead at Target, where I empower a team to "help all families discover the joy of everyday life," and a musician for the United States Army in the 338th Army Band. Wearing many hats (one of them camouflage) in all my life's work has given me so much fulfillment.

I always knew I wanted to be in the Armed Forces, growing up with a grandfather who served seven tours of duty over 30 years of service as a Marine. With service like that, I wanted to keep the tradition alive in my own, unique way. I've had amazing opportunities to play music for soldiers across the country and the world — I've met veterans from conflicts as far back as WWII. And the sense of connection I've felt with all of them has enriched my life so much.

David Limberg, director of construction and U.S. Army veteran

Even though I graduated from West Point 30 years ago, I continually use the timeless lessons I learned there every day as a leader in my family, in my community and throughout my 20-year career at Target. I was incredibly fortunate to attend the “preeminent leader development institution” in the world and serve in the U.S. Army for nine years after graduation.

“For those who have served, life has a flavor the protected will never know.” This aspirational quote, grounded in service to others, encourages each of us to be leaders in our own work and life communities, for the betterment of all. I firmly believe a true leader is selfless and not selfish and makes a difference by helping others achieve their potential.

Fredrick Sherrod, operations manager and U.S. Army veteran

I grew up in Columbus, Mississippi, a small and poor town. Once I graduated high school, my best friend and I tried college, and we both dropped out in our second semester. We wanted to get out of our hometown and were unsure of what we wanted to do in life. So, we went to see a recruiter and they convinced us to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

The Army invests heavily in leadership development at all ranks, putting those skills to the test with incredibly demanding roles. But my servant leadership style is just one skill in a long list of qualities that the Army has provided for me. Some other attributes are a strong work ethic, adaptability, versatility, adherence to an ethical code of conduct, and a drive to succeed.

We're honored to have Robertha, David, Jory, Fredrick and all our veterans and active service members on the Target team. To you, military families and guests, thank you for your service.

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