Serving Those Who Serve Us: Sharing Target’s Military Family Stories on Veterans Day

  • Nov 10, 2021

*Note: This story reflects a previous year’s plans. Learn more about Target’s 2023 military discount.


It’s a word veterans and service members are all too familiar with, often committing themselves to a lifestyle of uncertainty and discomfort from the moment they first raise their right hand. Some do it for the love of country, while others may do it for their families. Whatever the reasons, we are grateful for their courageous decision.

For decades, Target has committed to support our military communities, from our pledge to be a Yellow Ribbon company to community service, grants and career opportunities, as well as our annual 10% Military Appreciation Discount each November. Inside Target, the team members on our Military Business Council help us identify opportunities to best serve job candidates and prepare resources for active-duty team members and their families before, during and after deployment.

Now, we proudly put the spotlight on stories from veterans and service members at Target, all who bring their unique skillsets to deliver joy to our guests every day.

Here are some of those team members, who shared their journeys from active duty to life at Target.

Cameron Quarles

Executive Team Leader, Human Resources (HR),
Raleigh, North Carolina

Two photos of Cameron with his family and friends.

Service history: Army Veteran

About me and how my service impacted my career:
I enlisted in the Army on Nov. 1, 2000. I initially joined as a generator mechanic to take advantage of the education benefits and expand my worldview. My leaders were amazing and recognized my potential to serve in a larger capacity. With their support I was able to complete a Bachelor of Science degree and earn a commission as an officer.

After multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, living abroad for three years and meeting some of the absolute best people in the world, I decided to retire. I will always be grateful for everything the Army has given me: teaching me to be comfortable, being uncomfortable, building my character and solidifying my values, and humbling me to the point that I am appreciative of everything that's come my way.

Target was a natural choice for life after the military. Both foster diverse environments where everyone is welcome, and our differences are celebrated. Since the first day, everyone has been available and willing to assist with my integration and make me feel like I made the right decision.

Robyn Reichart

Inbound Senior Operations Manager,
Woodland, California

Two photos of Robyn in her uniform

Service history: U.S. Army Reserve

About me and how my service impacted my career:
My grandfather served in World War II, and from a young age I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I joined ROTC my sophomore year of college and commissioned as a medical services officer in December 2014 into the United States Army Reserve. After spending time as a platoon leader for a medical logistics company and an executive officer of a minimal care detachment, I got the opportunity to deploy to Central America in 2019, where I was a medical logistics planner responsible for coordinating medical supplies to support humanitarian medical missions throughout Central and South America.

My Target career and Army career have always complimented each other. Working in distribution for Target and as a logistician for the Army, I’ve been able to use the trainings and experience I’ve gained in both areas to strengthen my abilities in the other. Target has always supported me balancing my life between my civilian career and my commitment as a reservist: prepping to deploy, deploying and then re-integrating back to Target over the last year has been an incredibly smooth transition thanks to my peers and leaders. I’m thankful to work for a company that supports its veterans and its team members currently serving!

Matthew Major

Executive Team Leader, General Merchandise,
Leesburg, Virginia

Two photos of Matthew in uniform

Service history: Active-Duty U.S. Army / Reservist U.S. Army

About me and how my service impacted my career:
I joined the Army initially when I was 19 years old while attending college in order to gain a valuable experience. I served my initial contract and left active duty after deploying once during the Gulf War in 1990-1991. Just prior to the attacks on September 11th, 2001, I joined the military again as a reservist in August 2000. Directly following the attacks on September 11th, 2001, I was deployed to northern Afghanistan for a year. I would then deploy for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Additionally, I would deploy two more tours in Afghanistan (Kandahar), as well as one additional tour in Iraq, two tours in Horn of Africa and finally two tours in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

During my service, I began my career as a military police officer and quickly moved into the position of special agent with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division. I spent most of my career mentoring and training my counterparts in other countries while teaching them the various techniques and tactics of conducting combat forensics, criminal intelligence and investigations. I also served on the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Task Force. I was later selected to attend the FBI Academy in Quantico and subsequently assigned to a joint task force directly reporting to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for counterterrorism. 

Working at Target has opened up the opportunity for me to network with a diverse group of team members who come from many different cultures and backgrounds. I have been able to share my stories and their stories, the pain some have endured to get here to the U.S., along with steps for their growth. I am proud to be a part of the team at Target and give back, connect and develop people who come from all backgrounds who also want to do well with Target. I have also had the privilege of meeting many team members who have also served in the military and have sacrificed so much for our country. Men and women with stories like mine make me very proud of my service to our nation. I am grateful for Target for recognizing this group of veterans and giving us an opportunity to connect with each other and give back to the military community as well as Target.

Dawn Conigy

HR Business Partner,
Savannah, Georgia

Two photos of Dawn in uniform.

Service history: Army Veteran

About me and how my service impacted my career:
I am from a small town in Pennsylvania. Growing up I heard stories from my father who served as a military police officer and criminal investigative division officer, which made me want to join to see the world. I was able to achieve that with tours in Korea, Egypt, Bosnia, Kuwait and Iraq. 

After my military service I joined the Target team because I felt inspired by the people I encountered during the interview process and what Target stood for. More than 14 years later I know I made the right decision because Target shares the same values that were instilled in me while in the Army. We value teamwork and respect for others while fulfilling our obligations with a sense of duty. There is no place I would rather be!  

Todd Ladwig

Lead Risk Consultant, Reputation Management,
Minneapolis headquarters

Two photos of Todd in uniform.

Service history: Navy Veteran

About me and how my service impacted my career:
I joined the military because I wanted to serve my country and see the world. I had the privilege of working with a diverse group of amazing individuals on a daily basis whom I would never have met otherwise. I learned quickly how to follow, especially those with greater experience and wisdom, and how to leverage the various strengths and capabilities of my fellow teammates to get the job done.

I am most proud of the relationships that I built with the people I served with, many of whom remain lifelong friends.

As native Minnesotans, my wife and I wanted to return to the state to raise our kids and be close to our extended families. I specifically sought employment at Target because I wanted to experience a new career field and learn from a diverse and talented group of people, like I did in the military.

We're proud to have Cameron, Robyn, Matthew, Dawn, Todd and all our veteran and active service members on the Target team. To you, your families and our military guests, thank you for your service.

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