Here’s How Target Team Members Bring the Meaning to Their Holidays—All Year Long

  • Dec 22, 2020
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This holiday season, Target inspired guests to think about how they could bring the meaning to a holiday season unlike any other. Now, Target team members are stepping into the spotlight, virtually taking us into their homes to share how they’re celebrating a host of special holidays throughout the year in a new YouTube series called “Welcome To.”  

From breaking a monthlong fast during Eid with master chef and Strategic Sourcing Lead Fat-hi Said to stringing lights during Diwali with Sourcing Manager Hitesh (Tesh) Patel and celebrating the Vernal Equinox at Novruz with Lead Attorney Gulzar Babaeva, the seven-episode series is an inspiring look at family traditions with a new lens. 

Dive in with Social Manager Aaron Komo, who walks us through the significance of mochi pounding (that’s creating a smooth, sticky paste from rice) with family and reflects on his heritage as a Japanese American growing up in Hawaii:

And then settle in for Noche Buena, inspired by Lead Accelerators Program and Operations Manager Justine Santa Cruz’s Asian and Filipino heritage with traditional parol lantern-making:

Check out the full “Welcome To” series on YouTube, and don’t forget to check out all the ways the Bullseye is working to help everyone safely bring the meaning to this holiday season.

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