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We value the 350,000+ individuals who come together as a team to serve our guests.

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What's it like to work here? Meet some of our team and see for yourself.

it’s the people that count

We’ve long invested in our team by giving team members opportunities to grow professionally, take care of themselves, each other and their families, and make a difference for our guests and their communities.

We support our team with opportunities to learn, as well as earn. Every team member is empowered to do their best work, and we support them on their career journey, finding new growth opportunities and challenges, wherever that journey may lead.

Every single member of the team counts at Target, and we believe that taking care means investing in one’s whole self, both inside and outside work. And our dedication is not just enhancing the well-being of our team members, but their families too. Learn more about the benefits we offer team members and their families.

Coming together as one team extends beyond our Target family to every community that we serve. We do it to encourage the best in each other, and because we believe that everyone has something to contribute.

After months of recovery following a debilitating motorcycle accident that nearly took his life, Bronson Toliver was ready to get back into the workplace. He saw a job he really wanted at Target’s distribution center in Amsterdam, New York, applied and was hired. But the job was fast-paced, and Bronson wasn’t as fast as he used to be. So his manager, Matt, helped him find a job that was easier on his body—and that made all the difference.

“Today, I’m a packer on weekend overnights, and between the job and the gym, I’m getting stronger each and every day. Target gave me a second chance at life.”

After 27 years as a team member in Minneapolis, Tammy Redpath took on the adventure of a lifetime when she stepped into the role of president of our Target in India team. Moving across the globe to Bangalore plunged her into an exciting experience that challenged her approach to leadership, family, travel and more.

“I’ve been to dance performances, weddings and family dinners. I’ve learned about the history of India, and its languages, religions, people and cultures. I’ve sat in cafés listening to Sufi music. I’ve taken trips to Mumbai, Goa and Ladahk. And the best part is, I still have a lot more to learn.”

A few years back, apparel designers Stacey Monsen, Mari Anderson and their colleagues saw an opportunity to create pieces that are more accommodating for guests living with disabilities—including their own kids. Forming a volunteer team outside their normal roles, they researched with guests and took a proposal to Target’s leaders. The result? A new selection of sensory-friendly and adaptive pieces for our Cat & Jack kids’ clothing assortment, with more on the way.

“The Target team has immense passion and collective knowledge, and I love that we’re using it to develop products and solutions that will change people’s lives. My goal is to keep being an advocate, for my daughter and for others.” –Stacey Monsen

The people in HR executive team leader Joylin’s life empower her to be her best every day. She draws inspiration from the life experience of her mom, a South American immigrant, as well as from the spunk & drive of her aunt. She wants to be sure everyone has a voice, knows their worth and feels confident about not having to conform to traditional roles.

When it comes to balancing her career with the ins and outs of mom life, Alisa Nichol is a pro. As a senior distribution director in Ontario, California, she leads her fulfillment team through lots of transformational change. Meanwhile, she and fiancé Bryan and their son, Oliver, share a love of traveling the world. Her secret? A strong support network of parents in her neighborhood, and an assist from Target’s child care benefits.

“I love watching my son’s eyes light up over the simplest things, like when a caterpillar cocooned into a butterfly in our backyard. So I challenge myself to find time to slow down and enjoy those life moments.”

Cotton is an important resource used in many of our products, and we’re working toward a goal of sourcing 100% sustainable cotton by 2022 for our owned and exclusive national brands in apparel, home and essentials. But it’s proven tricky since there’s no industry-standard definition for “sustainable cotton” yet. Lalit Toshniwal, principal fabric engineer on our product design team, and his colleagues set out to change that. To do it, they’re traveling the globe to learn as much as they can about how cotton is grown.

“Target’s decisions have the potential to impact millions of people around the globe, from those who create our products to the families they support and the communities where they live, while also improving the planet.”

Working the checkout area at her store in Overland, Kansas, brings Gulzar plenty of opportunities to get to know our guests as she helps each one complete their Target Run—and some interactions are unforgettable. One day, as she helped a guest at a self-checkout register, they talked for a while. Later that day, the guest brought her mother and sister back to the store … just to meet Gulzar.

"That was a special day. I enjoy talking with guests and learning about their individual stories. I feel like they’re joining my family when they come through my self-checkout line.”

You might say Juan Galarraga has been preparing to lead teams since he was a teen. At 18, he moved to the U.S. from Venezuela to attend college and play soccer. Later, he took his first job with Target, unloading trucks at 4 a.m. As his career progressed with help from his mentors, bosses and peers, he realized he wanted to help others with similar backgrounds achieve their goals. Today, as senior vice president of store operations, he represents more than 300,000 team members working in our stores.

“I strive to do my best to mentor others and give them the tools they need to succeed. In most cases, all they need is a vote of confidence and a constant reminder to stay true to themselves.”

Immigrating from Mexico when she was 21, Julieta comes from a family of women who have a special interest in improving the lives of people of all abilities. In 1977, Julieta’s grandmother opened a school for the blind in Mexico, and now Julieta, a senior product designer, is continuing that legacy by founding a group at Target HQ focused on better representing adults of all abilities in everything from product design to advertising.

ethics at Target

Our Code of Ethics provides expectations for team member conduct and guides ethical decision making. Learn more and hear from our CEO about the importance of ethics at Target.