community & store safety

From our stores to the communities where we do business, we work hard and partner with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our guests and our team members.

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working together

We work with thousands of organizations across the country in areas like law enforcement, emergency management and public health to provide the funding, supplies and equipment, and training for their officials. And whenever we can, we connect businesses in the private sector to bring even more support for the programs that keep our communities safe. 

community connections

DC youth partner with Target and Blue

We started our Target & BLUE effort in 1990 to form connections with law enforcement, public safety and criminal justice agencies, and to share our programs, resources and ideas. Through programs like Heroes & Helpers, and public safety grants—and resources like our forensics labs—we help individual communities make strides toward a higher standard of safety.

our forensics labs and investigations centers

We share our safety resources with community partners whenever we can, including our two forensics labs, located in Minneapolis and Las Vegas, and our Investigations Centers across the country. These facilities support law enforcement investigations – in fact, approximately 30 percent of our forensics labs’ work is unrelated to Target, and we offer those services to partners for free.

public safety grants

We award grants to public safety agencies and programs to prevent crime, train and educate law enforcement and support youth programs. If you’re interested in applying for a public safety grant, talk to your local store’s Assets Protection team member for more details.

kids at a National Night Out event

national night out

As a sponsor of local National Night Out events, we donate dollars and supplies to support more than 15,000 local celebrations nationwide. These gatherings, ranging from neighborhood block parties to picnics and street dances, help neighbors get to know one another and their public safety officers.

secure, inside and out

Building safer neighborhoods starts in our stores, so we put technology in the hands of our specially trained staff to keep guests and team members safe. For example, we equip each of our buildings and parking lots with elements that prevent crime, from strategic lighting to mobile security Segways. Meanwhile, merchandise protection plans – like our network of surveillance cameras – discourage theft while allowing our shelves to stay well stocked.

our store safety toolbox

Take a look at some of the important tools and talent we use to keep our stores safe.


  • Surveillance camera systems keep watch over guests, team members and their vehicles.
  • Strategic parking lot lighting and landscaping prevent crime by increasing visibility.
  • Those big, red concrete balls on the sidewalk keep cars from driving onto the curb.
  • Team members on energy-efficient Segways patrol the parking lots in select locations.


  • More surveillance camera systems watch over guests, team members and products.
  • Restrooms are located in highly visible areas so team members can monitor activity around them.
  • Limited backroom access protects team members from potential security risks.
  • Our shopping carts are specially designed to be difficult to tip over.

our position regarding firearms in our stores

While we continue to follow local laws regarding "open carry" policies, we also respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target, even in communities where it’s permitted. Your cooperation helps us fulfill our goal to create an atmosphere of family-friendly shopping that’s safe and inviting for our guests and team members.  

a police officer and her shopping buddy

heroes & helpers

Our annual Heroes & Helpers events pair public safety officials with community youth for holiday shopping sprees at our stores. Through our 2015 program, we hosted approximately 250 events in communities across the U.S., impacting more than 15,000 kids and their families. 

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  • We want people to know that police officers are approachable, and Target is all about being fun, approachable and involved in our community. That makes them a great fit as our National Night Out partner.

    Sgt. Chris Purvis
    Hyattsville, Md., Police Department