a message to our stakeholders

CEO, Brian Cornell

Target has long been a place that brings people together.

We take pride in helping families discover the joy in their everyday lives, whether it’s by making a weekly Target Run, finding an outfit for their newborn, or running into a neighbor at one of the hundreds of community projects we sponsor each year.

Our guests shop with us knowing they can expect more, not only in the experience and products we offer, but in the high standards we hold ourselves to as a company.

Target has a longstanding legacy of investing in our communities. Since 1946 we’ve donated five percent of our annual profits, today that’s millions of dollars each week, back to the communities we serve.

But as much as we value philanthropy, we also know community giving is just a start.

We believe a truly successful company has a duty to not only support, but lift up the communities it serves.

That’s why we work with suppliers, vendors and partners who share our values and we hold them to high ethical standards.

We’re determined to find the best ways to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals of ending poverty, fighting inequality and protecting our planet.

We’re thinking boldly about how we can leverage our size and scope to address global problems, from reducing our environmental footprint to improving livelihoods at all points in our supply chain.

And we’re rallying our team around a common purpose and set of values.

This means fostering a culture of inclusivity, where every team member, in every role at every level, feels they can bring their whole self to work each day. And it means infusing the power of connection—to each other, to the communities we serve and to the planet we occupy—into everything we do.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far, and committed to continuous improvement.

This is just the beginning. The work of bringing people together is never-ending, and we’re more than up for the challenge.

Brian Cornell signature
Brian C. Cornell
Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer