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Our Chief CSR Officer, Laysha Ward, and CEO, Brian Cornell, share how corporate social responsibility drives decision making across Target’s business.

Chief CSR Officer, Laysha Ward, and CEO, Brian Cornell

At Target, our determination to fulfill the needs and fuel the potential of our guests is leading us to solutions that drive both business and social value. Can we leverage our scale to create better assortments for our guests and improve the way products come to market? Yes. Can our company help our team members meet their individual well-being goals and create a sustainable force committed to our guests? Yes. Can running the business we run, in the way we run it, strengthen the communities around our stores, distribution and headquarters locations as well as the factories, fisheries, farms and countless small suppliers that feed the global retail ecosystem? We believe it can.

As the CEO and the chief CSR officer of Target, we are focused on new ways to build on Target’s legacy of corporate social responsibility. We know that working together with our team members, guests, suppliers and communities creates better outcomes on issues that matter to us all. As an example, we know education is critical to creating a vital economy and educated workforce. That’s why we’ve committed $1 billion to education by the end of 2015. It’s just one of our publicly stated CSR goals in the areas of environment, team member well-being, education and volunteerism.

We will continue to focus first and foremost on the guest in everything we do, including offering them a variety of merchandise that’s good for their families and the earth. We take great pride in the Target team and will continue to create a diverse and inclusive culture and ensure team members’ well-being. And we know that Target is only as strong as the communities we serve. While we focus on these priorities, we remain vigilant on broader issues such as climate change and limited resources, an evolving workforce and data security. These matters affect not only our business, but also our guests and the entire global economy.

What affects one of us impacts us all. So if you have feedback on our efforts – from the products we offer to the suppliers we work with – please let us know. We want to hear from you because we’re all in this together.

Brian Cornell signatureBrian C. Cornell
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Laysha Ward signatureLaysha L. Ward
Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer