Interview Prep Guide

We’re excited you’re exploring new opportunities at Target! Whether you’re just starting your job search or preparing for your first interview, this is an optional resource for you that may provide you a better understanding of what you can expect from the process, including several example prompts to practice prior to your interview. 

How to use this guide

We've provided this information to help you better understand the Target interview process so that you know what to expect. Below are some tips to get you thinking about the interview process, but these tips are just suggestions, nothing is mandatory. 

Before the interview

  • Always feel free to contact your recruiter with any questions about the process or requests for reasonable accommodations during the interview process. 
  • You may also visit the rest of our careers website to learn more about working at Target, our unique culture and our core values.
  • You may want to review the job posting again in more detail to better understand the role. 
  • You may decide to prepare questions about the leader, team, Target's business or what it's like to provide joy for our guests.
  • Some people like to imagine their interview experience, by developing and practicing their answers to questions about their learning experiences and work history. It’s a great way to remember what you've done at school or work, how you’ve previously overcome obstacles or achieved your goals, worked with a team or executed on a project. Your experience helps you work through business problems that are applicable to the role. 

During the interview                                               

This is your time to advertise your skills and learn more about the role, leader, team, and Target experience. 

  • The interview will start with introductions, followed by an overview of what the role is and what the interviewer hopes to learn about you. This takes about five minutes.
  • Try to keep your interview conversational. 
  • Manage your response time to each question. Aim for about five minutes per question.
  • Give responses that relate to the required skills and Target values mentioned in each question to succeed in the job.
  • Ensure your answers focus on applicable skills for the job and your knowledge of relevant processes/certifications. Discuss important factors, people and resources worth considering when solving problems related to your line of work. 

After the interview

  • Thank your interviewer for their time and confirm next steps.    
  • If you don’t receive an offer for a role, consider and inquire about any additional roles where your skills may be better suited. 

Sample prompts to practice

You may want to practice your responses to the interview prompts or download the guide to prepare. If you choose to utilize our practice questions, remember, these are just examples of potential questions and that your actual interview questions will be different.  It’s a great way to practice keeping your answers brief, aim for five minutes per answer, and concise. 

  1. Talk to us about your background, prior work, training, or other experiences that have prepared you for this role. 
    • Why are you interested in this position? Share any relevant skills, experiences or attributes.
    • This question is assessing job knowledge.
  2. Describe how you work with people who think differently than you do.       
    • How do you create a fair and unbiased environment?
    • This question is assessing inclusivity.
  3. Describe how you partner with others to find creative solutions.
    • How do you use your relationships to identify partners and solutions to explore?
    • This question is assessing connection.   
  4. Describe how you make sure your work is impactful.
    • What criteria do you use to determine what’s truly the best approach to a project or solution for a problem?
    • This question is assessing drive.

Download this guide and practice for your interview

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