CityTarget: innovative features for simpler shopping

September 26, 2012 - Article reads in
guest experience
The Chicago CityTarget digital message board welcomes guests at the entrance

After opening at the end of July, the three CityTarget stores, although smaller in size, have already brought big innovations to the Target shopping experience.  The stores—in Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle—boast features like a unique weekly ad, digital welcome boards and redesigned navigational signs to help urban dwellers keep up with the hustle and bustle of city life.

“The welcoming atmosphere shows guests we are part of their communities and are anxious to meet their unique needs,” says Andy King, store team leader of the Los Angeles-Westwood CityTarget. “Although we offer that in every Target, at CityTarget we’re customizing it a bit more.”

A great first impression
CityTarget’s weekly ad departs from Target’s regular weekly ad to better reflect a product assortment that’s specific to city residents. The CityTarget ad, which guests can pick up before stepping foot in the store, are scaled down to eight pages,  are smaller in size than the regular weekly ad and pages have a fresh design.

Rolling out the welcome board
Upon entering CityTarget, guests are welcomed by a digital message board that features items in that week’s ad, provides community information, and highlights special offers and services. By providing our guests relevant information quickly, the boards help make for easy, quick shopping trips.

“The digital messaging boards include- content designed to inspire our guests to try new products while reminding them of everyday favorites that they need—all at a great low price,” says Jessica Seidlitz, Digital Signage.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
A variety of new navigational signs help guests get where they need to go in quickly. “The urban environment has a faster pace, with many retail choices,” says Mary Sunder, senior manager, Marketing “We wanted our navigation to be clear and concise so guests would understand the layout of the store upon entry.”

Free-standing directories help make store navigation a breeze and the addition of icons on the overhead signs help multi-lingual guests.

Additionally, new mannequins and large street-side windows provide the opportunity to feature seasonal events and showcase Target’s products and brand in a fun, new way.  “Target already has a more modern feel, but we wanted it to feel even cleaner with clear sightlines to our products,” Mary says.

Looking forward
Guests will find these changes as well as few more city-specific surprises when we open CityTarget stores in October in downtown Los Angeles and San Francisco.


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