Board Committees & Charters

Our Board of Directors has four standing Committees. All members of each Committee are independent Directors.

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Committee membership


Name Audit & Risk Compensation & Human Capital Management Governance & Sustainability Infrastructure & Finance
David P. Abney Member     Member
Douglas M. Baker, Jr.   Member Chair  
George S. Barrett   Member Member  
Gail K. Boudreaux Member     Member
Robert L. Edwards Chair     Member
Melanie L. Healey   Member Member  
Donald R. Knauss   Member   Member
Christine A. Leahy   Member Member  
Monica C. Lozano   Chair Member  
Mary E. Minnick       Chair
Derica W. Rice Member     Member
Dmitri L. Stockton Member   Member  



Committee charters

Each Committee has a charter that details the roles and responsibilities delegated to the Committee.

Audit & Risk Committee Charter
Compensation & Human Capital Management Committee Charter
Governance & Sustainability Committee Charter
Infrastructure & Finance Committee Charter