Board Skills & Diversity

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The criteria the Board follows in determining the composition of the Board are as follows:

  • Directors are to have broad perspective, experience, knowledge, and independent judgment.
  • The Board as a whole should consist predominantly of persons with strong business backgrounds that span multiple industries.
  • The Board does not have a specific policy regarding consideration of gender, ethnic, or other diversity criteria in identifying director candidates, but understands the value of diversity, equity and inclusion and has a strong history of gender and racial/ethnic diversity on the Board.


The following tables describe key characteristics of our business, the desired skills for those business characteristics, what those skills represent, which independent members of our Board possess those skills based on the directors self-identifying as having those skills, and the diversity attributes of those directors.

Target’s business characteristics  Desired skill What the skill represents
Target is a large retailer that offers everyday essentials and fashionable, differentiated merchandise at discounted prices in stores and through digital channels. Retail Industry Experience Executive officer level experience at a large retail or consumer products company.
Target’s scale and complexity requires aligning many areas of our operations, including marketing, merchandising, supply chain, technology, human capital management, property development, credit card servicing, and our community and charitable activities. Senior Leadership Experience in an executive officer level role or senior government leadership role.
Our brand is the cornerstone of our strategy to provide a relevant and affordable differentiated shopping experience for our guests. Marketing / Brands Executive officer level experience in marketing or managing well-known brands or the types of consumer products we sell.
Our business includes a large network of stores, distribution centers, and other facilities that are owned or leased by us. Real Estate Experience with real estate transactions, property management, or actively supervising someone performing similar functions.
We have a large and global workforce, which represents one of our key resources, as well as one of our largest operating expenses. Human Capital Management Executive officer level experience managing a large or global workforce.
Our business has become increasingly complex as we have expanded our offerings as well as the channels in which we deliver our shopping experience. This increased complexity requires sophisticated technology infrastructure. Technology Knowledge or experience that contributes to the Board’s understanding of technology, digital platforms and new media, data security, or data analytics.
Our business involves sourcing merchandise domestically and internationally from numerous vendors and distributing it through our fulfillment network. Global Supply Chain Executive officer level experience at a company with global supply chain operations.
We are a large public company with a disciplined approach to financial management and accurate disclosure. Financial Expertise Qualification as an “audit committee financial expert” under applicable SEC rules.
We are subject to a variety of risks and seek to identify, assess, and manage those risks for the long-term success of our business and to meet our legal and regulatory obligations. Risk Management Executive officer level experience in enterprise risk management or actively supervising someone performing similar functions.
To be successful, we must preserve, grow, and leverage the value of our reputation with our guests, team members, vendors, the communities in which we operate, and our shareholders.  Reputation Management Experience in community relations, public service, government affairs, corporate governance, or actively supervising someone performing similar functions. 
As we leverage our size and scale to benefit people, the planet, and our business, we seek to identify, assess, and prioritize the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters affected by our business.  ESG Understanding Knowledge or experience that contributes to the Board's understanding of one or more ESG matters affected by our business. 


Diversity Composition

Racial or ethnic diversity

Gender diversity

Workforce diversity reporting

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion encompasses an annual disclosure about the composition of our workforce.

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Our executive leadership

Target’s leadership team manages general company operations and advances the goals of Target Forward.

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Articles of Incorporation

Our Articles of Incorporation establish our legal structure, including the type, amount and rights of shares that we may issue.

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Our Bylaws provide detailed rules about how Target is governed.

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Corporate Governance Guidelines

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines provide a framework to assist our Board of Directors and its Committees in performing their duties. The Guidelines also contain our Director Code of Ethics.

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