Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet: Target’s Giving to Support Social Justice

  • Updated 2:14pm CT | Dec 9, 2020


In June 2020, Target and the Target Foundation committed $10 million and ongoing resources to advance racial equity and social justice, and support rebuilding and recovery efforts in our local communities. The investment supports long-standing partners such as the National Urban League and the African American Leadership Forum, and will support new partners in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and across the country. In addition, we committed to providing 10,000 hours of pro-bono consulting services for Black-, Indigenous- and People-of-Color-owned small businesses in the Twin Cities.

Our commitment is rooted in listening to, learning from and collaborating with the communities these efforts serve. From our guests and team members to Black-, Indigenous- and People-of-Color-owned businesses and social justice organizations, we’ve engaged hundreds of community members across the country to focus on giving opportunities that provide the greatest impact now, and continue to evolve our giving strategies to meet changing needs.

Giving to date

  • We’ve invested more than $2 million in communities across the country, including Supporting the Smithsonian’s “Race, Community and Our Shared Future” initiative and Points of Light’s speaker series “Listen Learn Act to End Racism.”
  • We’ve given more than $1 million in accelerated Target Foundation grants to nearly a dozen nonprofits in Minneapolis-St. Paul to assist Black-, Indigenous- and People-of-Color-owned small businesses as they recover and rebuild, including support for:
    • Neighborhood Development Center’s lending and technical assistance programs and entrepreneur workshops for Black-, Indigenous- and People-of-Color-owned businesses
    • Increased technical assistance and business services for Lake Street entrepreneurs and small businesses via the Lake Street Council, which works to ensure the vitality and prosperity of the commercial corridor
    • Technical assistance, training and construction and remodel services through the Latino Economic Development Center, which supports Latinx and other People-of-Color-owned businesses across Minnesota

Pro-bono progress

  • Target team members have already volunteered hundreds of hours working with more than 20 businesses in the Twin Cities community, including:
    • Juxtaposition Arts, where Target store designers helped the nonprofit youth art education center redesign their studio space
    • African Economic Development Solutions, where team members from Target’s real estate and law teams assisted with negotiations of a lease agreement to help the nonprofit continues its work building wealth within Minnesota’s African immigrant communities
  • We’ll continue working closely with local partner HandsOn Twin Cities which helps connect local businesses with our pro bono efforts.

Outside our $10 million commitment

  • Additional giving to support racial equity:
    • Target’s invested more than $2 million in cities across the country, supporting organizations such as:
      • The East Bay Community Foundation in Oakland, which works to eliminate structural barriers, advance racial equity and transform outcomes for all who call the East Bay home
      • Manna Inc. in Washington D.C., a provider of quality, affordable housing supporting the community by revitalizing distressed neighborhoods, preserving racial and ethnic diversity and helping families build assets through homeownership
  • Guest-directed giving through Target Circle:
    • Through our loyalty program, guests have the option to direct Target funds to efforts supporting social justice. Over the past year, Target Circle members have directed more than $500,000 to social justice organizations across the country, such as the National Museum of African American History & Culture.