Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet: Target Encourages Civic Engagement Among Team Members and Guests

  • Updated 9:48am CT | Sep 19, 2022


Since its founding, Target has encouraged team members and guests to exercise their democratic rights, believing that ongoing civic engagement is an important part of our democracy, and a way to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Some of the ways Target makes it easy for our more than 400,000 team members to participate in the civic process include:  

  • Providing all eligible team members with paid time off to vote and serve as election judges and poll workers. 
  • Working with individual team members to ensure they have the time off they need to vote in local, state and federal elections. 
  • Offering team members the most up-to-date nonpartisan information on voting so that they can be informed on their local laws and any new or additional requirements.
  • Through Citizens@Target — a team member network encouraging active participation in democracy — Target has created a space for team members to learn about and discuss issues and access resources on voting and the civic process. 
  • Supporting nonpartisan efforts to raise awareness of elections and encourage fair, accessible and safe voting. 
  • As an active corporate citizen, Target partners with a number of national organizations to promote voting outside the company, including: National Voter Registration DayPower the PollsVoteRidersCivic Alliance, Time to Vote and Business for Voting Rights Coalition. Target is a proud sponsor of National Voter Registration Day as the organization marks its 10th anniversary.
  • In partnership with the League of Women voters, Target created Vote411.org/Target, which has everything needed to get started in the voting process, including information on how to register, check your voter registration status and find what’s on your local ballot.
  • Target is also partnering with Lyft to offer team members easy access to their polling place on Election Day, covering rides up to $15 each way.