On Target: Inside our Stores-as-Hubs Strategy

  • Sep 21, 2023

Target’s success is anchored in our stores’ role as both best-in-class shopping destinations and powerful fulfillment hubs for digital orders. But how did this stores-as-hubs strategy first develop, how does it differentiate us from the competition, and how are we evolving the model to get more efficient and continue to meet guests’ changing needs?

In a new video series — On Target — we'll examine the unique capabilities behind our core business strategies, with insights straight from our leaders. In our first installment, Chief Operating Officer John Mulligan, Chief Stores Officer Mark Schindele, and Chief Supply Chain and Logistics Officer Gretchen McCarthy, along with members of our store and supply chain leadership teams, discuss how the stores-as-hub strategy is driving growth and unlocking the full potential of our stores, from boosting inventory and supply chain capacity to intensifying guest loyalty.

“Stores-as-hubs is about creating a great guest experience in store. And then it’s also providing guests with the convenience to interact with us however they want, when they want, the way they want,” says Mulligan.

Dive into the video to explore:

  • The origins and drivers of Target’s stores-as-hubs strategy
  • Our test, learn and iterate approach to innovation
  • How we differentiate through same-day fulfillment services like Target Drive Up
  • The next evolution of our last-mile journey: our sortation centers and the Target Last Mile Delivery extension

To get started, click on the video at the top of the page. And stay tuned for more episodes exploring Target’s differentiated strategy throughout the next year.

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