Target’s 2022 ESG Report is Here — Check Out the Highlights

  • Jul 28, 2022
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Every year, Target shares progress toward our sustainability goals through an annual corporate responsibility report. This year, that corporate responsibility report is becoming Target’s first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, building on our long-standing legacy of transparency with an even more rigorous look at our progress. It’s a meaningful step as we work to embed sustainability throughout our business, from our operations and the products we sell to how we think about our partnerships and investments in our team and communities. 

“As I reflect on a year that was marked by tremendous growth and continued volatility, one thing never wavered: the Target team’s commitment to care,” says CEO Brian Cornell. “The care I see from our team strikes me as both a differentiator in our industry and an outstanding asset in addressing the great social and environmental challenges of our time. Applying our business strengths in service to people and the planet is also making our business more innovative and resilient and positioning us for continued growth.” 

Forward thinking 

Last summer we launched Target Forward, our enterprise-wide sustainability strategy that places sustainability at the center of Target’s broader business strategy and growth. Our new ESG Report provides a central resource for stakeholders to track our progress toward these important priorities, as well as other issues like governance and cybersecurity, in the years to come. The goal: staying accountable to the ambitions we’ve set in service of people and the planet. 

“Our work through Target Forward coincides with our commitment to accountability as we work to create positive change,” says Amanda Nusz, senior vice president, Target corporate responsibility, and president of the Target Foundation. “One year after the launch of Target Forward, I’m proud that dozens of initiatives are already underway to drive progress toward our goals, fueled by our team and, critically, participation from our vendors, suppliers and community partners.”  

Let’s dive in 

Across Target, our team members play the leading role in bringing our sustainability strategy to life and helping us deliver on our ambitious goals, from applying circularity to our product design to reimagining our stores with a reduced carbon footprint. Together with our vendors, suppliers and community partners, we’ll continue to harness our collective power in the years ahead to tackle some of the world’s most challenging issues, co-creating a brighter future for all. In this year’s report, you’ll find data-driven insights into this work, including the significant investments we’ve made throughout the past year to lead our industry in climate action, sustainable brands, diversity, equity and inclusion, and more. A few highlights: 


Zoom in 

Ready to take a deeper look? Download the report and explore our Sustainability & ESG page for more. 

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