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2020 Target corporate responsibility report

As one the largest retailers in the U.S., we’re committed to using our size and scale to positively impact people all over the world. Grounded in our purpose to help all families discover the joy of everyday life, we’re focused on working toward a healthier environment, more equitable world and strengthening the communities we serve.


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Year in Review: Our Greatest Recent Achievements

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Supply Chain


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Achieved our goal to enhance 3 million lives in the factories and surrounding communities where Target’s goods are produced


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Helped farmers save 12 billion gallons of water in partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)


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Announced our plans to work with the Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag— with Closed Loop Partners’ Center for the Circular Economy and others—to find and test innovative alternatives to single-use bags

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Achieved our goal to increase starting wage to $15 in July 2020—six months early


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Expanded job-protected family leave to four weeks and extended eligibility to part-time team members, while also making high-impact investments in our front-line team, including premium pay, vulnerable leaves and backup daycare, and addressing other opportunities to support all our team members’ well-being during the COVID crisis


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Achieved—and exceeded—our goal to add solar installations to 500 store rooftops

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Products and Guests


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Launched the Good & Gather brand to give busy guests a new way to eat well


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Designed our new All in Motion brand to utilize recycled materials—including 8,000 metric tonnes of polyester


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Since 2018, trained over 2,700 team members and vendor partners on embedding circular design into our product, packaging and store-design processes

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Repositioned the Target Foundation towards longterm systems change specifically focused on advancing equitable economic opportunities in our hometown, nationally and across the globe


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Leveraged our team’s talent to contribute more than 1 million hours to tackle social and environmental issues in our communities


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Supported families across the country by donating the equivalent of more than 87 million meals in pounds of food

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materiality & stakeholder engagement

The materiality process drives how we engage internally and externally; invest our resources; and adapt our strategy on environmental, social, economic and governance topics across our value chain.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN sustainable development goals

Target values the important role the UN SDGs play in equitable, sustainable development.

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corporate responsibility reports

corporate responsibility reports

We’ve been sharing corporate responsibility efforts since Target first published a Community Involvement Report in 1969. Starting in 2010 we began publishing comprehensive corporate responsibility activities and information online.

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ESG information

Looking for a summary of Target's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) info? 


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